Red Bush Tea and Coffee Company Edit

2 ratings
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Type Tea Shop
Style Modern
Serves Loose-leaf, Bagged
Good For Dates, Meetings

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  • 225 10 Street NW; Suite 10
  • Calgary, AB
  • (403) 270-7744

2 Reviews

dayton rated this place
and said Edit

The tea shop has a pretty nice atmosphere. But some of their teas are not named properly. Such as there supposedly “Keenum”. Pretty sure it’s supposed to be “Keemun”, there were a few more like this. Also their grading doesn’t make much sense to me at all. I looked at one Lung Ching that was a VI grade. It honestly looked like a II grade from what I’ve seen around that area. There are 3 other tea houses in that area that provide much higher quality Chinese teas. All in all They had a good selection of tea ware and candy, but the quality and price was too steep for me compared to the other shops in the same block area.

osa_lola rated this place
and said Edit

This is a lovely tea shop. It’s a mix of tea, coffee, and candy shop. The staff are always friendly. While the tea selection is relatively small, they carry a few unique blends. Worth the trip!