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Photo submitted by TeaParT
Photo submitted by TeaParT

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Nicole rated this place
and said Edit

Lovely setting for the Austen tea. The food was fine. Nothing spectacular but all good. The presentation and decorations of the tables was very nice indeed. I do wish more than one tea had been available. The blend they gave us was good, but if you didn’t like it I’m not sure what you would have done. Might also have been nice to have a glass of water on the table as well.

The shop itself is very small and limited in what it offers. Prices do seem pretty reasonable though, and one of the only tea oriented shops I have seen that offers table linens. Fewer collectible dolls and more tea ware might be nice to see, though if the dolls make money I certainly understand having them on offer. I’m sure it’s difficult enough to survive as a tea business in this area as it is!

In short, do give them a try! The directions on the website are a bit confusing (or they were to me). The tea room and the shop both front onto Terrace, even though since the tea room is on the corner it has a different address.

TeaParT rated this place
and said Edit

My mother started going to teas hosted by Anna Marie’s several years ago and coaxed me to tag along. I think my first one was a Mother’s Day tea but there have been so many delightful ones that I’m not sure. Each time, I’m fascinated with the food and conversation. Brenda, the hostess often takes time to circulate and answer questions about tea and customs. Many times they have created special blends around the theme such as the Scarlet’s blend.

Although I’ve ordered online from this shop and been very happy with the results, I try to drop by for most of my purchases since the staff is so knowledgeable.