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The Bun Shop Edit

1 ratings
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Type Cafe
Style Modern
Serves Loose-leaf, Chai, Iced
Food Pastries
Features Free wi-fi
Good For Dates, Groups, Meetings
Photo submitted by Double Cup Teas

1 Review

The Bun Shop in Baltimore, Maryland
Double Cup Teas rated this place
and said Edit

The Bun Shop is a laid back space lighted by the glow of lap tops, and filled with the aroma of baking pastries. My favorite thing about this hangout, aside from it being open till 2am (and the buns of course) is their selection of loose leaf teas served hot or cold to your liking. Most coffee centered cafe’s tend to add hot tea as an after thought, but the bun shop’s put some effort into their presentation: including a descriptive menu accompanied by little vials of each tea so you can smell and see what you’re getting at the counter. Unfortunately, they only serve large tea bags (no matter what size you order) and they let it wait on the counter too long – so you’re always going to get over steeped tea. I like a strong peppermint tea, so it doesn’t bother me much…but I tried the French Blue Lavender once, and that was no good oversteeped. They only use disposable cups, and they don’t do refills…a huge oversight for a cafe where people camp out all day and order cup after disposable cup. Aside from that, the space is very comfortable, they have a piano, and a chess board you can use at your leisure, and a variety of seating options. It does get pretty packed when the college students are in town, so be warned!