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Type Tea Shop
Style Modern
Serves Loose-leaf
Features Tastings
Mon Sat 11:00 AM 8:00 PM
Sunday Closed

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2 Reviews

Paper & Tea in Berlin, Brandenburg
Ni Zan rated this place
and said Edit

Highly aesthetic Tea-Gallery for the modern urban Teaheads.

Paper & Tea in Berlin, Brandenburg
Hinagiku rated this place
and said Edit

Paper & Tea is a tea shop which is located in Berlin, in Mitte zone, and it’s easy to go by metro stop Rosa-Luxembrug-Platz.
In that day while I was going to Mamecha I noticed their suggestive shop window, and when I came back to the metro I’ve also had a look at the shop.
This tea shop has a modern and minimal style, teas and teaware are well ordered; the clerks/owners were very kind, helpful, very expert about tea.
They have loose leaf tea (green, white, black, oolong), blended tea, herbal with stilish packaging.
They sell also beautiful asian teaware: yixing teapots, gaiwan, cups, utensils, matcha accesories as chawan and bowl.

The clercks/owners also offered “Sencha Sakura Garden” tea for tasting to customers in little cups. It was a very good Sencha, it tasted so much delicate.
I’ve guilt feelings after a year yet for not have bought this tea while I was there. :(

Their teas and teaware are very good quality, with medium-high prices.

I wish to come back here one day and for tea lovers I suggest to visit this shop anywhere who comes to visit or live in/near Berlin. :)