Terrace Lounge at The Wynn Edit

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Type Cafe
Style British
Serves Loose-leaf
Features Afternoon tea
Mon Sun 12:00 PM 4:00 PM

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1 Review

Terrace Lounge at The Wynn in Las Vegas, NV
Nicole rated this place
and said Edit

This is a new venture at The Wynn. You don’t need a reservation. It is open seating from 12-4 daily. It’s not fast but you are not off the casino floor like at The Bellagio. It’s a nice secluded room. You get the music they pipe into the casino, which is… meh. But none of the electronic blings and bleeps, which is good.

The tea is from J’Enway and they prepare it well. I had the Assam, the Darjeeling and the Blue Lavender Earl Grey. All were good afternoon tea teas and the pots are refillable at no charge as they resteep the leaves (if you switch teas, there is an additional charge though). The afternoon tea menu is the standard savory course/scone course/sweet course. I wish they would allow some substitutions like Mandarin Oriental does but they will just take things off if you don’t want them, not let you have 2 of something else.

The food was beautiful but maybe a little strongly flavored to be compatible with varying teas. I know that is difficult to plan for when your tea menu is decently expansive, but a lot of really strong onion or fish isn’t what I want with a good tea. The scones were not the best I’ve ever had but they were far from the worst. Maybe a little overdone and they didn’t hold up very well to the luscious cream they served with them.

So, while there is room for improvement, I’m happy there is another place in Las Vegas serving decent loose leaf tea that is prepared well. They have obviously done a bit of training with their staff and that makes me hopeful.