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Insomnia Coffee Company Edit

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Insomnia Coffee Company in Hillsboro, Oregon
Teaman rated this place
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I work near this location and have visited it many times. As the name states, it’s a coffee shop, first and foremost, but they do serve tea. Their tea selection is minimal offering about 10 or 12 choices ranging from black to white tea. 8 or so are Adagio teas and the rest are a more expensive brand the name I don’t recall.

The shop is really homey and comfortable. It’s not a Starbucks knock-off like some other shops tend to follow but offers a custom designed décor with a bit of a retro feel using some antique-e furniture, sofas, along with table and chairs. They have table games, some books and of course free wi-fi. There is plenty of glass windows along a couple sides so it’s bright and cheery.

The service is good, the know enough about tea to get it close or right on for steep times, unlike most Peet’s shops that consistently have you oversteep your own tea. This shop they steep it for you for about the right amount. They also sell some pastries, some loose tea and of course mugs and maybe t-shirts.

It’s a loungy, comfy environment and rather fun to hang out. During summer months on weekends they usually have music artists come in and perform in a corner, adding to the ambiance. They also usually stay open into the evening also a plus for doing studies or meeting someone after work. I like the place and will continue to be a customer there. My only wish for them is that they would expand and promote their tea offering. When they do that they will earn my 5th star.