The Tea Room at Stony Brook Ltd. Edit

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  • 97E Main Street
  • Stony Brook, New York
  • (631) 751-1232

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The Tea Room at Stony Brook Ltd. in Stony Brook, New York
SuperHrefna rated this place
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The address and map reference for this are the same as Robinson’s Tea Room, so that is what I’m reviewing here: I’ve never heard of Robinson’s Tea Room referred to as The Tea Room at Stony Brook Ltd, but maybe that is its proper name? Everyone around here calls it Robinson’s and it is a local institution. Anyway, it is a tea room, it is in the heart of Stony Brook village and it is awesome. If you are nearby, you must pay a visit, they have an extensive range of tea and their cream teas (scones with clotted cream and jam) are legendary – to be honest, I’ve had better clotted cream in Britain, but Robinson’s scones are a cut above. There is a cozy old fashioned English atmosphere, but with staff that are definitively American in their sweet eagerness to please. It’s a lovely place to meet up with a friend you’d like a long happy chat with.