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Glitter and Gold is a fancy looking black tea, but in the end it tastes… pretty basic

What comes out of it all is a cinnamon black tea, a very light one at that. The tea was pretty to look at and smelled decently good, so i decided to give it a go. Honestly, it’s not bad; just not as jaw dropping amazing as the description says of my toes tingling and of a late night seduction. What this tea, is pretty standard affair, it is a black tea that tastes like cinnamon. It’s not overpowering and it smells stronger than it tastes. Which…
is not a bad thing. An intense cinnamon flavour would have been too much i think. The tea looks dark and when you smell it, you would think that it is quite intense black tea. But it isn’t. I think i may put a little more next time and see if that would change things.

Infact, it’s quite deceptive. I was expecting fastball, but they this threw changeup, it’s actually really light tasting, I didn’t get much out of it except black tea and cinnamon and sweetness. I could not taste the cloves or orange peel for that matter (the orange peel i got was way thick too, looks to me like from a jumbo navel orange or something). The gimmick in this this is the shiny gold balls, and the sugar crystals (which you will never see, they melt right away). The gold balls hold up well for the first infusion and for me just sank to the bottom of the cup, by the second infusion however, they burst or melted or whatever, kinda turning into a creamy like sugar that when mixed makes the tea look rather unpleasing with a cloudy tone. The second infusion was much the same, probably sweeter (as the balls broke open) and much less flavour overall.

If you are looking for a straight away light tasting black cinnamon tea that doesn’t overpower, your answer lies right here. If not, not that it’s anything groundbreaking or bad… it’s just decent and the gold balls are pure gimmick, granted they do look kinda cool when broken and floating around.

Boiling 3 min, 45 sec

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I like it, this tea is dark and intense and actually resembles coffee.

It’s been awhile since i tried a pu er tea, i am generally not very open to these teas even after hearing of all the health benefits they offer. The main reason, they normally taste like farm or rather it just reminds me of being in a barn with decomposing hay or whatever. I drink coffee, I love coffee just as much as tea; and i like to drink it black normally.

This tea, has subtle taste of caramel that comes along with very dark colour…. it looks like coffee! I’d say the second steeping is just as good as the first. It’s very drinkable when it cools down (more so than cold coffee), and is just slightly sweet.
I guess you would say that coffee is bitter and that this should be bitter, but it really doesn’t bother me. What is good also is that I did not taste any chocolate either, not a big fan of trying to use chocolate to make things taste of coffee but here, it doesn’t seem to do much harm

Overall, very drinkable pu er tea.

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec

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Ok, disappointed with this one..

Clearly this is not an earl grey, as it pretends to be one. The fruitiness absolutely kills the tea, so much i don’t taste the bergamot anymore. When I read the description i was actually quite interested as perhaps i was more interested as the citrus (lady grey variations) were rather good. This on the other hand is overpowering, the raspberry flavour is actually too intense, and I am not sure whether or not it tastes to be a natural flavouring. I stop at one steeping with this one, as the second one just tastes even worse. Good for those of you who like fruity black teas but certainly not one if you are looking for a drinkable variation on the standard earl grey.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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This is a great tea, slightly sad to see it discontinued as now the next replacement for it i think would be the high mountain oolong, which costs like almost twice the price. I love the floral taste of oolong tea’s which to me is my version of a jasmine green tea. So when i saw the name of this tea, right away i knew it was something of interest to try. It’s a rather light oolong tea, and is in fact quite similar to a green tea. The tea unfolds to rather pretty looking big tea leaves still connected to the stem, i found the recommended steep temperature to be way too low for this tea, i think it said something like 80ish degrees. I tried that once and almost got nothing out of it really, the taste was just way too light for me as an oolong tea. Subsequent times, i did a quick wash (10 seconds or so) with fresh boiling water and then filled it up again. The trick however is not to keep it at a high temperature for long as it might burn the leaves and leave a bitter taste, but if you do it right, the floral taste is rather sublime and enjoyable. What’s great about it, is that you don’t need to use much of it as the tea really unfolds quite well and is good for about 3 steepings.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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The pear taste is bang on, so much so that it feels slightly artificial. The taste is crisp with a hint of sweetness it is an overall enjoyable tea, and my first ever from David’s Tea. The apple pieces compliment the pear quite well and the flowers adds to overall presentation of the tea. My only real complaint was the quality of the sencha tea used, i found that it contained almost half of twigs (Kukicha) rather than tea leaves which was rather disappointing, to further complicate the matter its hard to steep alone in a cup without a tea bag or a tea press of some sort as the tiny bits of twig just kind of float at the top much like a rooibos tea would. Mostly it was enjoyable but i would not buy it again unless they do something about the tea.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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To be quite honest there is nothing quite wrong with this tea, it tastes almost exactly identical to a normal genmaicha. I found the quality of the sencha tea to be subpar aswell, the leaves seemed to be overly crushed (half my tin seems to be of tea dust, coated with matcha). Taste is very much the same as you would get with any rice tea except this one cost a hellava lot more. Not worth the price point for me, just go get some normal rice tea without the matcha; believe me, it tastes the same. Sells for $8.50 per 50g.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Stopped drinking water, switched to tea. =)
(ok, this is a lie but still :) )

How I rate teas is pretty simple, different teas have different expectations based on quality and price. I’ll rate a tea based on how good it is for its category/price point. I think i rate pretty fairly, I’m not afraid to give a bad score to a bad tea, and it’s relatively hard to get perfect score (partially because i believe there are only so many that can attain such a title)

I like oolong/green teas the most
black, white, tisanes to a lesser part.

I re-steep EVERYTHING, as that’s how I’ve learned from my parents. Blacks teas normally to a max of two times.

I like it when the tea actually looks of quality (eg. whole unbruised leaves). I hate it when i get a tea, and half of it is cut up stems of the plant… give me leaves!

I drink all my teas black and occasionally with sweetener. I do drink coffee too, and love espressos and cappuccinos. Yup, I do my coffee black too. Guess, it is to say I like strong flavours.
My current way of steeping tea, is my french press which i just got a month ago. I love it (well maybe not my cheapy one; looking to get a bodum one day). I used to just dump leaves at the bottom of my cup..

Ok. Rating meanings…

0-49: Various degrees of suck. Either terrible value or just not good.
50-59: It’s drinkable. I’ll finish my cup.
60-69: Not bad… but not good.
70-79: okay to drink, nothing too special, will not be a re-buy.
80-89: Enjoyable cups.
90-99: Worth holding on to.
100: Um.. I’ll tell you when I get here.

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