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I read the description and had to add it to my cart. Almond brittle? Yes. Vanilla? Yes. Flowers of some sort? Yes. Licorice? Yes. Lemongrass? Sure! It had so many interesting flavors that I knew it would be, if not delicious, at least memorable.

When I opened this up it smelled like…I couldn’t figure it out for a while, but…like the Tofu Lime Tarts that the deli at my hometown co-op makes sometimes. Vegan pastry crust + tofu lime creamy cheesecake-ness= best ever. I think it must be the lemongrass in this that reminds me of this fantastic dessert. There’s no licorice in tofu lime tarts! Anyway, I couldn’t wait to try this.

Morning came, and I brewed some up. As soon as the water hit the leaves, the aroma changed to a more pungently lemon one, and I got a little concerned, because sometimes my relationship with citrus is less than amicable. But I was still excited to sip it—and I did, far too early, nearly scalding my lips. But it was worth it. This is…fantastic. And unusual. The zing of the licorice plays across your palate, followed by lemongrass that tastes, somehow, creamy…maybe it’s the almond brittle and vanilla. On the back of the sip you can taste the nice Yunnan black tea that’s under it all. There are so many delightful flavors in this that it never stops being interesting…some I don’t notice, like the strawberry pieces, but I really don’t mind. I hope I can get a few steeps out of this.

Wow. This is awesome. It tastes like I added some unsweetened soymilk, it’s so creamy. (But I didn’t.) Maybe this really IS the tea incarnation of tofu lime tarts…with a little licorice.

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I’m a college tea drinker.
I cook feverishly.
I draw.
I make movies.
I knit.
Someday I wish to own chickens.

I love tea because of the complete sensory experience it offers me. Clock time fades away as I lean into my cup, watching the delicate cascades of steam waft up from the brew. Peace. Stillness. Feeling centered. It’s my meditation…

To give you a little background on my tea preferences (which will put my ratings into perspective)…

I love teas that are strong without bitterness and have earthy flavors to them, like rooibos or a really good black tea. (A few favorites in this category: Toffee Almond Supreme, Popped Rooibos, Oh Canada, Nutcracker Sweet.) Vanilla, cinnamon, and nutty are some of my favorite flavor notes. After about a year of warming up to greens, I absolutely love them—from the sweet, nutty, green-tea-ice-cream-like to the bold, grassy earthiness of Gunpowder Temple of Heaven. I also enjoy a nice white every once in a while. Fruity teas aren’t my favorite. I do have a few fruity teas that I love though, like TeaSource’s Green Tea with Pomegranate, Lemon Solstice, and Blueberry Fields.

I drink all of my teas unsweetened; if a tea needs sweetening, I usually don’t like it. A couple of notable exceptions: I sometimes sweeten straight green teas and matcha, and I drink my chai with soymilk (but no other sweetener). I sometimes like my black tea with a little dollop of soymilk.


Northfield, MN

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