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My first experience in Pu-erh, and definitely not a bad choice for a beginners Pu-ehr.
This tea is great for it’s modest level of complexity. Change steep times by 30 seconds, and find entirely new flavors.
The downside to this tea is that it IS a beginners tea, and as such lacks some of the maturity of other aged Pu-erhs, but still a great introductory Pu-erh.
I find that this tea brings me to a plateau, so it’s a great “long day working” tea.

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drank Ryokucha by Samovar
3 tasting notes

An interesting tea. This was my first foray into such a potent green. This tea is a hit or miss with me, I love it sometimes, and sometimes I just couldn’t imaging ever wanting another cup of it.
This tea was also very temperamental, at least for me. It requires a fairly precise steeping time: Too short a steep and the matcha overtakes the other notes of the tea, and too long creates a rice taste I would rather not experience more than once.
The great redeeming feature of this tea, and the reason I keep it around, is the matcha. This tea is enough to wake you up and keep you going for quite some time.

1 min, 30 sec

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