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I think I am coming to realize I have a thing for black teas from the Yunnan province in China. Not quite 100%, but most I have tried I have really liked. This is no exception.

First thing I noticed was that the dry leaves had a pleasant smell. Don’t ask me what it smells like because I have no clue how to describe it. :D

As for flavor, I notice a flavor that kind of reminds me of stone fruit. Its not like stone fruit, but reminds me of it. There’s a slight sweet taste as well. There’s another component as well that, well, made me think of soap. Yeah, I know that doesn’t sound good. It didn’t taste like soap, it just kind of reminded me of soap and is likely something I don’t have the words to describe and that’s the closest I can come up with.

Note: This is not like the horrible lemon joy dish soap flavor I get from cilantro. That’s just disgusting and does in fact taste exactly like the liquid lemon joy dish soap we used when I was a kid before they changed the formula. And yes, I know exactly what that tasted like. I come from an age where every family had a dish washer. It was called whatever kid was available. I started hand washing dishes when I had to stand on a chair to reach the sink. And learned the hard way how important rinsing was. :D

There was also just the faintest hint of astringency. Not strong but just barely noticeable. As the cup cooled, this became more pronounced. Stick the cup in the microwave for a minute and its back to being just a faint hint.

I did a second steep later in the day. I don’t know if its because this was a second steep, or I just steeped it for a shorter time than I did this morning, but all of the elements are more muted this time around. I think the sweetness stands out a little more.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this. Not quite in my top 3, but I will happily drink what I have an am considering ordering more.


oh yeah, washing dishes at age three here. haha.

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oh yeah, washing dishes at age three here. haha.

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