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This is my latest favorite green tea to drink at work. The flavor is fairly mellow, and the jasmine isn’t particularly noticeable, but the delicate aroma of mandarin oranges is both relaxing and intoxicating. It’s difficult to over-brew, and it’s usually good for at least 2 steeps.

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You should had to drink something that reminds me of Seattle, didn’t you? lol:) I’ve never heard of this one before- it sounds so good!

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I drink this all the time at work. Its mellow, nutty flavor reminds me of the green tea served at my favorite sushi restaurant.

Wiseman Tea Co.

Genmaicha was my first love, and you’re right it also compliments sushi really well.

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Beautiful bloom; Mediocre green tea. Tastes like their Camellia Joy.


I remembered over steeping this…it was pretty mellow until I over infused…

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I love watching blooming teas, but I have yet to find one that tastes great. This was no exception. It’s a mediocre green tea with hints of jasmine and chrysanthemum flavor. At least it was pretty.


That’s my usual experience with flowering teas too. They’re so pretty that I’m expecting something earth-shatteringly awesome. And then I just get ordinary green tea. I always get a little disappointed.

Rebecca White

Have you tried the teavana ones? I’ve heard some good things about the new peach one, but it’s so freaking expensive!


No, I’m from Denmark, so Teavana (and most US based tea webshops) are more or less off limits for me. Either they don’t ship to Europe or if they do it would be way too expensive with shipping and customs and VAT and such like.

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This tea is one of my absolute favorites. In my quest for the perfect/affordable jasmine tea, this one comes rather close. (I buy it loose by the pound, on clearance, which means that it’s a tiny bit older than they’re “comfortable” selling at retail prices. It still tastes awesome, so I’m over it.) Good both hot and iced. Sometimes I oversteep, but tiny bit of stevia takes care of any minimal bitterness.

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