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drank Cucumber White by Tazo
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I’m normally not very impressed with most tea that comes in tea bags, but when I saw this at the health food store, it really intrigued me. I’m glad I picked it up! I did not let it steep for very long, so that it would not become bitter or too strong. I seemed to choose the perfect time to stop steeping, because I can now taste the mild flavor of the cucumber, as well as hints of lemon and peppermint. It’s very, very mellow, but I love it. I’m surprised it’s gotten such low ratings. It just seems that not as many people are not fans of white tea.

Can’t remember exactly how long I steeped it, but it was around 2 minutes. I don’t have a water thermometer, but I brought the water to a boil over in a kettle and added an eensy bit of cold water while steeping to prevent it from becoming too bitter. I just wing these sorts of things. I’m excited to try this in the summer time, when I can make it iced with a little bit sweetener. I think it’ll be very refreshing. :)

I can understand that this may be too mild for other people’s liking, but if you steep it just right (before it reaches the bitter, bland point; and possibly add some natural sweetener), it is likely come out more flavorful and enjoyable.

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