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I am a Mommy of 2 beautiful girls, one born in 2007 and the other in 2011 which make me the LUCKIEST LADY EVER! I am passionate about education and options for mothers whether that be pre-conception, prenatal, during delivery, or post-pregnancy. I want to help Mom’s pick what is right for their families and en-power them to be confident in their decisions.
I love being Southern (yes, that IS capitalized) and all that it implies, including Sweet Tea, slow drawls, hospitallity, front porches, fried food, veggie gardens, and watermelon! I would rather be outside than in…unless its cold, then get me to the nearest fireplace! My girls have taught me more about true joy and inner peace than I could have ever imagined knowing. I love being around my family and friends especially when there’s games involved! I am a perfect example of a Scorpio Female and my favorite color is wine red but I bleed KY BLUE. I pray for things like hope, sleep, and forgiveness…but rarely in that order.

THINGS I LOVE: alphabetical orderanything Ralph Lauren (especially Chaps because RLC are my initials and its a GREAT way to have all my clothes monogrammed!)Audrey Hepburnbeing barefoot*board games*body pillows*bubble baths*buttercups/daffodils*camping*card games*Christmas carols*colored paperclips*cook books*cross-stitching*disney movies*drinking non-alcoholic drinks out of wine glasses*double stuffed oreos and a big glass of milk*eskimo kisses*family vacations*fiji water*fire places*flannel pajama britches*flash cards*Funfetti cake (of course with Funfetti icing)funny birthday cardsgetting new shoes*hammocks*having a good hair day*Hayes Lynn Campbell*hiking*horse races*homemade cards/gifts*hot chocolate*hugs*jeans and white t-shirts*Kentucky in the Spring*Lance*laughing until my face hurts*learning new things*macaroni and cheese*mashed taters*music*pink jockey silks*ponytail holders*reading*red high heels*riding horses*road trips*rodeos*sales*Shelby*belly laughs*smelly candles*standing on stage*sundresses*surprises*taking naps on rainy days*tattoos*tea parties*tea pots*that clean, soapy smell*the Caribbean*the colors turquoise and pink*the theme to pink panther*the wildcats*toilet paper*twirling*vitamin water*warm socks/clothes/towels from the dryer*white clover necklaces*white daisies with yellow centers*wine*winks*winning*wrap around porches*

THINGS I DO NOT LIKE: bad mannersbeets*being cold*carnations*cold showers*commercials*ear-rings…piercings in general actually*frogs*mean/rude people*mushrooms*litter boxes*paper cuts*trees with no leaves*slow computers*smelling spoiled milk*un-natural colored daisies*waking up to an alarm clock*


Lexington, Kentucky, United States

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