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Sample from Tea in Spoon’s stash sale. Thank you!

This is billed as a women’s tea that is specifically recommended for pregnancy. I tend to drink a lot less tea when I’m pregnant for a number of reasons. One of them is that I tend to become very sensitive to strong flavors. This is a mildly flavored tea, tasting mostly of herbs, apple, and hints of other fruits. It tastes like something that would probably actually be palatable while I was pregnant, and its the sort of pleasant but unremarkable kind of tea that I could see myself drinking everyday. I’m giving this a higher rating than I normally give “pleasant” teas since I haven’t had many apple teas that I like the taste of and it seems like it would work very well for its intended purpose.

Flavors: Apple, Fruity, Herbaceous

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I tried this the other day. It has a pleasant flavor, like a mild, gingery chai, and it seemed to help a bit with my cramps. I have noticed in the past that ginger helps with that for me. This is one I may pick up on occasion.


Plain hibiscus helps me. I haven’t yet tried ginger.


Does it? I hadn’t heard that it could. I’ll keep that in mind to try next time.


Yeah, up to a certain point. It’s known for being rich in Vitamin C. But when my cramps hurt so badly that I have to take Acetaminophen.

Anyway, I drink hibiscus iced since the cold curbs the tartness.


I enjoy the tartness of hibiscus, so I’ll have to try it next time. I do take painkillers if they get too bad, but sometimes it’s just uncomfortable, and I try not to take painkillers unless I’m actually in pain.

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I’ve found that I like this best supplemented with a quarter teaspoon of mandarin orange peels and a single hibiscus flower petal. It adds a little more fruitiness to this one. Some dried apple would probably also be nice, but I don’t have any on hand at the moment.

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Sample from Liquid Proust. Thank you!

This is quite tasty. It’s exactly what I would expect from something called “Strawberry Oolong.” The base is a smooth green oolong and the strawberry flavoring is light but clear. The flavors complement each other very well, and the tea tastes well balanced and interesting.

Flavors: Green, Smooth, Strawberry

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This is pretty good, but I feel like it could be better. If I had one complaint about 52teas herbals, it’s that they rely too much on honeybush or rooibos, and flavoring. This one is sweet and has has a noticeable flavor of cheesecake and a hint of spice, but the carrot flavor is lacking and it tastes a bit artificial and lacking in complexity for carrot cake, and it’s just a bit too woody. I would happily drink this again, and maybe even buy this again, but I do think it would be better with less honeybush, more carrot pieces, and maybe some toasted rice or sesame seeds.

Flavors: Cheesecake, Spices, Sweet

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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From JK7RAy’s stash sale.

This starts out nice, but has a wierd aftertaste that includes my nemesis, licorice root. Might be better if I steeped it for a shorter amount of time.

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From a swap with Zennen. Thank you!

This one is unusual. It’s quite mild with a single teaspoon, so I think I might use two next time. It uses some ingredients you don’t see every day, which I do appreciate. I could definitely taste the ceder and the oolong, but I think I would be able to pick up on more flavors if I brewed it stronger.

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Sample from Liquid Proust. Thank You!

This is really quite good. I’m enjoying how the flavors blend together. It’s lightly flavored and fruity. I’m mostly tasting sweet strawberry with bits of melon and underlying mineral and petrichor notes from the oolong itself. The name suits it. It does make me think of sitting by a rocky creek in the late spring or early summer eating fresh fruit. I need to check out more flavored oolongs since most of the ones I’ve tried have been really interesting.

Flavors: Melon, Mineral, petrichor, Strawberry, Sweet

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This is a nice one. The maple comes through most strongly, but I can taste more pear as it cools. There’s a nice hint of cinnamon to round out the flavor. It could stand to have a little more pear flavor, but I do enjoy it as is.

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I drink a lot of herbal tea, and the occasional cup of traditional tea here and there. I enjoy experimenting with my own blends. I also enjoy stories, board games, music, nail polish, philosophy, science, teaching, and faith.

Flavors I like:
Tea (unflavored/dessert blacks, dark, floral or flavored oolongs, jasmine green, unflavored/fruity/floral whites)
Desert (caramel, cheesecake, chocolate, cream, honey, maple, molasses, vanilla)
Spices (allspice, anise, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, ginger)
Fruit(apple, blueberry, fig, grape, grapefruit, honeydew, lemon, lime, mango, orange, pineapple, plum, raspberry, strawberry, tangerine, watermelon)
Flowers (chamomile, chrysanthemum, hibiscus, jasmine, rose)
Nuts and seeds (coconut, hazelnut, pecan, cashew, sesame)
Grains(barley, rice)
Herbs (dandelion leaf, echinacea, green rooibos, honeybush, mint, rosemary, thyme)
Vegetables (carrot)

Flavors I Dislike: cardamon, elderflower, licorice root, stevia, tulsi; artificial cherry, and almond flavors; bitter smokey, leathery, medicinal, or overly sweet teas

Allergies and Sensitivities: lavender and stevia upset my stomach

I have participated in the Overboard TTB, the Butiki Herbal Blending Box, the Butiki Educational TTB, and the Puerh Beginners Box. I ran the Herbal TTB and the Monthly TTB Club, and am currently running the Herbal and Decaf TTB.

Ratings: I rate teas based not on their objective quality, but on how much I personally liked them. I mostly do this because it’s an easy way to tell at a glance if I’ve tried a tea before and if I’d be interested in buying it. It sometimes takes a while to sort through and find out whether or not I’ve reviewed a tea without rating it.
90-100: Truly excellent tea, will buy again, could drink it every day but might save it for special occasions because it’s just that good, will miss it if it’s not in my cupboard.
75-89: Really good tea, would buy. Might be a solid everyday tea, or something that has a strong appeal but doesn’t quite amaze.
66-74: Good tea, would buy, but will also look for better
50-66: Probably wouldn’t buy this tea, but would drink it if offered
33-49: I will never buy this tea, and would probably even turn it down if it was offered to me.
1-32: I hope to never drink this tea again

I currently have a young baby, so while I’m drinking lots of tea, my activity may be sporadic.



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