58 Tasting Notes

drank Magic Moon by ESP Emporium
58 tasting notes

This tea is a real gem! It smells amazing right out of the tin and down to the last drop, and the flavor notes are balanced perfectly. It makes a wonderful hot cup and a top of the line iced tea. I have to be careful when I make it that I don’t drink the whole pitcher in a single setting. This tea is worth ordering from ESP even if it’s the only thing in your cart. Excellent!

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Another tea that I bought to make ice tea with this summer. I haven’t tried it hot, and probably will not, so I can’t note on how it would be if not over ice. Over ice though it is a pretty refreshing tea, not too sweet. The melon was a bit over powering, so I have been halfing it with unflavored green tea that I have a decent stock of, and that does the trick just right. Good tea for a hot summer day.

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I always like to pick one “adventurous” tea to put into my cart, and this was what I picked that was out of my comfort zone when I ordered from ESP Emporium. It’s… not what I expected. There is a tart flavor that is very similar to that of original yogurt, which is a little off putting to the flavor of the tea. I am a big fan of plain yogurt too! The mango provides a bit of sweetness, but the flavor is just strange. I made a cup hot and then also tried it over ice, and neither one of them worked for me. Not bad, but definitely not something I would be ordering again.

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drank Miami-Ice by ESP Emporium
58 tasting notes

After trying this tea I must agree with the other tasting notes here. The look of the tea isn’t as lovely as in the photo, but I have found that to be the case with most ESP Emporium teas. It has very tart notes, but even still is not unpleasant. I can’t imagine it making a very enjoyable hot tea, but it makes a pretty yummy iced tea. I have tried it alone and also mixed with a basic black tea, which helps tone down the tartness a bit. The brew time seems a bit long in my opinion, steeped about 6 minutes is enough in my opinion.

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drank Swampwater by DAVIDsTEA
58 tasting notes

I received a single serving sample of this with my last order from DAVIDsTea, and was excited to try it out since it wasn’t something that I was willing to risk order a whole package of. As stated in other comments, it looks like an innocent tea, until you let it steep. The color of it is… well, interesting, but the taste is great. Not too overpowering and not at all as disgusting as one might think. Definitely going to add a pack to my next order, I’d love to try it over ice, I have a feeling it would make a good (but funky) iced tea.

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Huge fan of this tea! I make a cup each day before work. It works as a fantastic pick me up, and the flavor of it is a great. It mixes really well with DavidsTea’s Jumpy Monkey as well.

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drank Jessie's Tea by DAVIDsTEA
58 tasting notes

This tea has become my “go to” before bed tea. I am a big fan of lavender, and personally think that you can pick it up. I would have never thought to combine coconut into the mix, but was surprised at how well it worked and how smooth this tea is. I could see how someone who is not a fan of coconut would be turned off by this tea, but it gets my vote for a great brew!

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drank Cocoa/Orange by ESP Emporium
58 tasting notes

After reading the tasting notes on here I am starting to think I did something majorly wrong making this tea. I recently ordered a large batch of different teas from ESP while they were having their 4th of July sale, and this was the first one in my cart. That being said, when the package arrived today, it was the first one I made, but regretfully I did not get past the first sip. The tea smells wonderfully, but I found the taste to be very similar to a black licorice type candy. (Which I am not a fan of!) The after taste was similar to what I was looking for when trying this tea, but unfortunately I just can’t stomach drinking it. Disappointed and hoping that some of the other teas I bought turn out much better.

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