I remember buying a box of 16 Lipton “the brisk tea” in New Hampshire when I was 11 or 12. It seemed awesome at the time perhaps a gateway to all my adult habits/pleasures. This would have been in the 1980’s. Either their quality has gone way down or I had a box of particularly fresh tea at the time. There’s even a picture of Neil Young inside an album cover from the early 70’s brewing a cuppa Lipton. I drink tea all the time, but whenever I try Lipton “brisk” it is often stale due to being simply packaged in paper. The tea quality is mediocre at best, but likely stored poorly. Lipton is the Number One tea in places (2 star restaurants, diners and delis) where tea is misbrewed, disrespected, and clearly an afterthought for a beverage. The leaves are greyish black rather than a the robust brown/black color that most good everyday black teas have.
I think that my 11 or 12 year old self loved that box of Lipton Brisk, because he was comparing it to Salada black which was the only comparison. Maybe it was the hand pumped well water in New Hampshire that made that “brisk tea” so memorable.
Boiling quality water is essential for any good tea. Lipton is often served with horrible warmish water in most places that serve it.


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