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I haven’t had white tea in a really long time. It usually tastes like hay to me. Not this one! I have to agree that this is not just any old white tea. This is like drinking summer! YUM! Notes of melon, citrus, butter, and yes, hay.

I just might have to add a couple of whites to my stash. Thank you TheLastDodo for including this in the package!

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The leaves are really beautiful! Long and twisted with a dark chocolate colour.

This is a smooth, sweet tea. I’m mostly getting raisin notes, and didn’t find the citrus until it started to cool down.

Thanks to TheLastDodo for chance to try it!

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I really didn’t feel like do anything today except enjoy the sun and air, and start planning the garden. But I had a few things that I needed to pick up, and wanted to get to a garden center to get some ideas. So I needed something that would jolt me into action. In comes this tea. Yeah, it worked.

Smooth and tasty. Wish I had added milk to it, but I drank it sans additives. I think the caffeine is still circulating in my system because I feel like doing jumping jacks or running. Maybe this will be a productive day after all.

Thank you for the sample gmathis!

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The name of this tea made me think it was an herbal tea, so I let it steep for a long time. Oops…my bad. The resulting brew came across, no surprises here, very herbally. I finished it, but it was a little too much for me. Surprisingly, I found no bitterness.

The second steep I dropped the water temp and steep time. Much better. I didn’t detect the herbals. What I tasted was olive oil?!

I have enough to have another go at this. I’ll treat the first steep better the next time.

Thank you TheLastDodo for the sample!

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drank Cinnamon Cookie Puer by Lupicia
286 tasting notes


I’ve tried this tea with many variations trying to pull out the ‘cookie’, but the most predominant flavour that I got was roasted coffee almost bordered on burnt. It wasn’t until I added cream and sweetener until I finally got a little of that cookie profile. I do drink coffee, so it wasn’t hard to drink.

It was ok, but not something I would necessarily need to keep. I do appreciate getting the chance to sample it, though, as I was curious about it. Thanks for sending this my way, TheLastDodo!


It is more like a biscuit dunked in coffee than a cookie, but there is something about the taste that keeps me reaching for it.

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This is the first time that I have ever tried a Whispering Pines sample….I know…I’ve been missing out. Although my tea journey is taking me down a different path (away from blacks) I still want to try the snails and the orchid.

I am not one of those people that can easily pick out/name particular flavours and notes that a tea is giving, but I have found that it is becoming easier. I found with this tea, a few notes were easily noticeable.

First infusion I found strong fruit notes and bread. The floral came out as the cup cooled.

Infusion two I found that salty baguette!!! I am impressed that I found it!! That was followed up strong notes of honey and then floral again as the cup cooled.

It was a nice intro to Whispering Pines, and I have TheLastDodo to thank for the sample…so Thank You!!! :)

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Another sample from a tea friend that I have been remiss about writing a tasting note. For those who have sent me samples, I will get to them…I promise :) This one comes from Lala.

Part of the reason why I took so long to get to the SBT’s that were sent, was because I’m used to doing cold brews, so I was afraid of screwing up the samples, by hot steeping and then cooling. I decided to ‘get over it’ and finally brew this up, as recommended by the steeping instructions. So I had to figure out two things…a quart vs a litre, and do I have something large enough to brew this in that was glass. Google helped me figure out a quart. I found a glass teapot that was a little smaller than what I required, but not by much, so I went with that.

Brewed and cooled with a little sweetener added. Yes, it is tasty. Sweet, fluffy cotton candy. YUM :)

Thanks for the sample, Lala!


Glad you enjoyed it and super happy to see you back. Hopefully life is good!


Things are much better! Thanks Lala :)

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Another one done from my box of many samples (from many people). I will get to them all – hopefully soon-ish.

I like this one :) Sweet potato up front, and dusty cocoa in the after taste.

Sample compliments of Dex – Thank You!!

—huh, I had this not too long ago – a sample from another steepster member, and got a totally different taste profile this time around. But it looks like I enjoyed it both times around.

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I’ve had this tea for quite some time, and I finally cracked the tin open a few days ago. What was I waiting for? Delicious! I find this malty, grainy and fruity. Somebody asked if I find this a little salty, which intrigued me. I kept looking for it, but, no. I think it would have been interesting paired with the graininess that I picked up on.

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My tea journey started in 2012, when a friend gifted me some loose leaf. I guess she thought I was drinking too much coffee. Blown away by the amazing flavours I immediately embraced the loose leaf tea. I still drink coffee, but my main choice of beverage is now tea.

My tea preferences are blacks, pu’erhs, oolongs and greens.



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