Well I’m going on a very last minute backpacking trip this weekend, the good news is I didn’t have to run to the store and got my gear packed in just over an hour, not bad. Now I sit here decompressing with my dinner of pita bread, hummus and a shou puerh. This is sad given the fact that I have some delicious greek stuffed chicken sitting in my fridge that I made the other day, but there are some days that you are just too lazy to use the microwave. Yeah, I’m that guy.

I’m debating about continuing the story of everyone’s favorite traveling tgy, but its late, I’m getting up early and I’m not sure that anyone besides me reads it. Good thing I like to hear the sound of my own … keystroke? So tgy shall wait till next week.

Oh right I’m supposed to be reviewing a tea, I knew there was a reason I was here. So I love pu. Yeah I just said that. While I generally prefer sheng, there is something enchanting about shou’s. Delicious earthy flavor, rich deep intoxicating smell, and sultry good looks. Yeah I think they may be some of the most beautiful teas I’ve had. A deep rich almost purple color. Sometimes I forget how much I like puerh and since this is the only loose one I have its the easiest for my lazy butt to brew. Therefore when I haven’t had pu for a while this is usually the one that reminds me, “Hey moron, remember me, I’m kinda awesome.”

I wouldn’t say this is a particularly stellar shou, but then again I haven’t had that many that I would say are. It does however have that amazing rich earthy flavor profile and an incredible nose. Plus as my first pu, it holds a warm fuzzy spot in my heart.

Well now I saw stick some fresh leaves in my gaiwan and retire with my book. Goodnight addicts.

4 grams leaf. 120 ml water. 10 to 60 second steeps. 205 F.

205 °F / 96 °C

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