Whether you’re single or during a relationship, you almost certainly downplay Valentine’s Day when asked how you feel about the vacation – a minimum of publicly. No one desires to be that one that embraces a vacation created by the greeting card and candy firms.

As it turns out, Valentine’s Day brings out the hypocrite in us all. In an exceedingly survey by It’s Simply Lunch, the premiere dating service for busy professionals, nearly one-third of both men and girls surveyed said they feel “indifferent” concerning Valentine’s Day, with another 13 % saying it makes them “miserable” or “dreadful.” Nonetheless, over seventy p.c of those self same men and women expect to spend Valentine’s Day with someone if they’ve been on four or more dates.

Therefore, let’s face it – you’re in all probability going to want to acknowledge Valentine’s Day if you’ve been on additional than a few dates with somebody. Are you feeling that misery and dread now as you are worried about making plans and shopping for a present? Don’t worry. It’s Simply Lunch has you covered with the results of the remainder of their survey:

The date

Men and girls each overwhelming agreed on their top date choices: dinner at a restaurant with some significance in your relationship or a weekend getaway.

Haven’t been together long enough for those options? The boys leaned toward wanting to travel to a fancy dinner while the women were a lot of possible to wish to have something cooked for them at home.

It’s Simply Lunch spokesperson Irene LaCota says split the distinction, “Go out for a flowery dinner and then come back home to make dessert together where you can initiate your shoes, relax and enjoy every different’s company.”

The gift

People might be indifferent, however they still need a present. Solely seventeen p.c of men and six percent of girls said they needed nothing for Valentine’s Day. Of course, the gift should be commensurate along with your relationship length. If you’ve been dating but a month, fifty nine percent of men and forty nine percent of girls say they don’t expect a present. But, if you’ve been dating one to three months, those percentages dropped by approximately half.

“Play it safe if it’s your 1st Valentine’s Day together,” advised LaCota. “If you’ve been on at least a few dates along, create plans along sometime over Valentine’s weekend and invest in a minimum of a card and a little gift.”

For the ladies, flowers are invariably a standard selection. The folks at It’s Simply Lunch wondered, but, if the enduring red roses were seen as generic and devoid of thought and a focus. As it turns out, the women love them! -seven p.c of ladies said they love red roses, with solely sixteen p.c thinking they were generic.

And where ought to you send these flowers? You may think she wants the eye and jealous glares of the other women within the workplace when her bouquet arrives, but 57 percent of girls want their flowers delivered face to face by you. Only twenty percent wish their flowers delivered to the office.

Jewelry and plans for a future activity you’ll be able to do together followed on the ladies’s wish list.

For the lads, a card and a weekend getaway topped their gift would like list . . . right behind one alternative factor that might not surprise you: sex. Fifty % of the boys selected sex together of the prime 3 things they were hoping for this Valentine’s Day, whereas just twenty two p.c of the women said the same.

If your relationship isn’t at the weekend getaway or romping between the sheets stage, get him a bottle of one thing you’ve seen him order, sort of a bottle of red wine or a tiny bottle of whiskey. Don’t apprehend him well enough yet to select out one thing personal? Consider a virtual gift, like an iTunes gift card. A third of men said they’d be happy to receive a virtual gift as a result of it’d be something they might truly use.

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