Do you remember that chocolate drink – a Yoohoo (do those still exist)?! Anyways, that is what this tastes like… of course I haven’t had a Yoohoo in YEARS, so I may be off, but that is what first pops in my head. Or maybe like Swiss Miss hot chocolate made with only water and no milk, and watered down a bit more. I like this, it’s different though because it is watery and I expected that thicker puerh feel. The water looks like that of black tea, a nice honey color. The taste is smooth and you get more of a sweet coco powder taste than anything else. I am tempted to try this next time with a shot of cream =)~


I have found Yoohoo in Whole Foods, of all places.

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I have found Yoohoo in Whole Foods, of all places.

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I am a tea enthusiast who is always looking to try a new tea, but my all time favorite is jasmine pearls…or anything with jasmine in it really. I also am a sushi fanatic and simply can’t live without it. Outside of my fanatasy world of all things tea and sushi I am an executive assistant, mother of 2 and personal taxi/maid and chef service for my little family.

But back to the tea!

I love Jasmine Pearls, just about any White Tea and then we have Pu-erh coming in last as my top three.

However, I still enjoy a good Earl Grey tea, the more bergamot the better! I have a fond place in my heart for Matcha, especially iced Matcha Lattes. Flavored green teas are always fun, but I tend to stay away from the overly grassy tasting ones… they always remind me of a wheatgrass shot!

It takes a special black tea to really win me over, for me I find that they all taste too much alike or tend to be too bitter at times; I think I am more so bored with them.

Oolongs are fairly new to me and I am finding that these are really good and they will probably end up making it as one of my top contenders!

Pu-erh I have yet to try; I am very curious, but a bit scared to try it… something about being aged in a cave just frightens me a bit, but I would like to try one in the very near future :-) Update – I have tried a few pu-erhs and I can’t get enough of them! While they are definitely an acquired taste they are lovely! This has now taken over rooibos in my top 3 teas of choice!



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