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Earl Grey tea is, without a doubt, my favorite tea. To drink a good cup of Earl Grey is to experience nothing short of full body euphoria as smell, taste and texture combine to create an experience tea drinkers long for. It’s because of this I almost take personal offense at Twinings lumbering attempt at capturing the taste of a great tea.

I’ll go on record as saying I generally despise everything Twinings produces and that I rate their tea products right up there at the lofty heights alongside cask wine, instant coffee and sweaty gym socks.

I’ve given them a 15 due to the fact that they’ve at least shown effort and offer different blends rather than sinking to the lows of Lipton’s nameless blend of swill. However if the site was capable of listing negative scores, this would get a 0 allowing Lipton, Tetley’s and friends to dwell in the negatives.

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