768 Tasting Notes

i saw the gifs of the DWARVICISE yesterday on tumblr for the first time.
so here you go!
thank you jump62359 for the dwarven party!


That is awesome!!! So awesome, it almost needs more exclamation marks. :)


I’ve never seen this video before and OH GOSH ORI YOU CUTIE PATOOT.

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hey i think i’m improving my blending abilities! either that or i got lucky :)
either way, i still kinda win.
this current blend is blackberry, caramel, and mocha nut mate with cornflowers added.
i hope to add cocoa nibs to the next batch i think?

you don’t have to really know what i’m talking about here. this is just me trying to parse out what taste profile i’m going for and then trying to judge if i’ve come even a little close.

i was going for a dark earthen tea base with a kind of unsettled sweetness incorporated? i figured the mate would add a rougher kind of masculine note and the dark berries and caramel could help create a slightly salty yet decadent tone. the tea basically needs to be sensual and intense and troubled and sad. comforting but still very very sad. and i wasn’t aiming for it, but the mate definitely has a sort of riding crop flavor-tone to it.
so beautiful it hurts and so stinging it’s beautiful. i’ll keep drinking this bag, get to know this version better, make some changes and then see what else i learn.

Bach’s Chaconne Partita No.2

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i started today having this blend because i saw Cavo’s note first thing yesterday and also it has safflower accents in it. safflower is not very common in the adagio blends overall. but i like the way it looks and i’d like to use it in my own blends. so i wanna try to get to know it better.
(safflower is also an accent in the ’sherlock’s experiment’ blend.)

so i prepped a good amount of leaf to brew 24oz worth of tea.
i poured the water …. and then forgot about it. woops!
it happens.
(it probably brewed for about 5 – 8 min? idk. i’m a susceptible victim to time gremlins. so i’ll ask one of them how long forgotten tea brews, if i ever catch one.)

but the over-steep didn’t completely demolish the cup!

in fact, i think the long steep really just brought the cinnamon out a lot more.
Shadowfall and Cavocorax both described the tea very accurately.
damp and earthen and mossy and cinnamony.
i do like the cup.
it would be a tea for the days when i’m feeling equal parts brave & sullen.

idk what the safflower does.
i think it’s just there to look pretty. totally fine by me.

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earl grey creme with cinnamon! very nice.
no, really. i drank this hours ago and i’m still remembering it fondly.
it was a great way to start this monday.
me and cinnamon, we are getting to be better & better friends. happy ending :)

i have several of you to email and put swap boxes together for.
don’t worry i haven’t forgotten you!
i just, get, like, distracted and stuff. and i know full well that i’m not really great at prioritizing. and i tend to get 90% done with a task and then kinda stall out a bit? but i spend time telling non-tea people all about how steepster is fun in so many different ways and how we can be a sea of all different types and walks of people and still have so many things in common and how it always impresses me and how i have a fondness for my internet buddies even if i chat with you lots or barely at all.
(okay brace for blab city now)
i lurk some of you, sure i do, i see your tea reviews and read a little about your day or your morning tea or whatever, and i may not have much to add, but i see you and i get it. i see you! hi! i understand you a little! hi!
this site is kinda all about the love, and the complete acceptance and freedom to love/hate any crappy/pristine tea you darn well want to.
and you can tell because instead of clicking a little thumbs-up at the bottom of a post, you can click a little heart! proof!
party on heart clickers!


hug we see you too!!!


I thought that first line was “earl grey creme with coconut” and I got excited despite the bergamot.


And I love the lurking comment! I enjoy reading about everyone’s day along with their tea notes too.


ditto on that courtney…even without commenting on most of the tea logs, i love hearing about ppl’s days…enjoying them experiencing teas that i like..that i don’t like.. it’s just a great place to be.


Courtney! you! you
were the VERY FIRST person i ever mailed tea too!
it was 10 months ago in early May (waaaay back when) and i bet if i was to see what i sent and how i packaged the tea now, i would have a good chuckle :D

also, all your fault… i immediately went on adagio and started making an EGC w/coconut blend. and THEN i noticed that now i can add 2 accents to my blends instead of just 1? i guess cuz i made and bought 4 for myself? so of course i proceeded to spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME altering my DIY blend accents. endless fun. for reals.


Do you have any of this???? It sounds so good! I don’t see it in your cupboard though :(


ZOMG, Shmiracles! Are you making personal blends, or fandom blends? :D I might have to bump an Adagio order up in the queue and try some of your stuff.


>>>> runs to the cupboard >>>> yes i can give you 1 perfect scoop worth? not ideal, but enough to get a taste :)
we have 2 earl greys in our cupboard at the moment, but after they’re gone, i’ll probably get either this blend or one kinda like it to replace it. mix things up a bit.


Yay! Actually I remember how you packaged that swap because the box it arrived in became the box that all my swap samples now hang out in. That blend sounds amazing! Perhaps we can do another swap if you end up creating it. :)

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tea number 666 !!!!!
six six six!!
cuz he’s evil! Moriarty is EEEEvillll!

(okay goodnight.)


haha… I’m hoping Moriarty is secretly the brother that Mycroft mentions as “the other one” on the newest ep.

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drank Cherry Blossom by DAVIDsTEA
768 tasting notes

i’m not a huge white tea fan, but i actually to honest goodness loved this tea!
i bought it for oddree because it has roses in it, it’s a thing i do. find a tea with roses, buy it for oddree. but i really didn’t expect to like it much. basically figured i’d drink it once or twice and the rest would be hers. so what a nice surprise to find it to tasty. especially since there are several low ratings by some other steepsters that i follow.
i brewed it and put the lid tightly on my timolino and then put it next to my bed and drank it first thing in the morning. it was still warm. it totally was.

today i took a spontaneous trip to ikea a couple of hours away and spontaneously bought a standing desk and i am writing this review while standing at it. this desk is SO BEAUTIFUL. fukin A. and it was a glorious day to drive with my sister and talk about fanfiction the WHOLE way there and back. warm fuzzies. super warm fuzzies.


Ooh! Which desk is it you got? I’ve been thinking of switching.


okAY! i’m gonna nerd out now! you’ve been warned hah
i got a 59 × 29 table top. so it’s HUGE! and then i got the extendable legs called GERTON Legs. they go up to 42 inches tall. the legs were BY FAR the most expensive thing i bought. (the legs were basically half my bill. and that’s including all the cookies i bought hah) but when my boyfriend was like ’that’s not a lot of $ for something so good like a nice desk’ i was like OKAY done! hah (enabler!)

then i made a small monitor stand using EKBY VIKTOR shelf and the CAPITA legs. totaling like $18. i got the 6inch legs so the monitor would be right at the perfect eye height.

i spent A LOT of time trying different configurations and measuring very closely. because apparently even an inch too height or too low can become problematic eventually. but dude did my diligence pay off! cuz it is SPOT ON in height. (i can’t tell you how many times i wished i was shorter though. haha)
i’ll probably post a pic and link it once i get my room cleaned up.

i also bought this configuration http://iamnotaprogrammer.com/Ikea-Standing-desk-for-22-dollars.html
so i can take it to work. i’m not sure how much i will use it at work? it might be too weird (like that fad of sitting on those big yoga balls at your desk that was happening for a while?) but it was very affordable so i felt it was worth a try.

there are a lot of ideas out there! and many very affordable ikea hacks. it’s kinda cool. like this desk http://shortbluesky.blogspot.com/2012/10/my-diy-standing-desk-with-ikea-parts.html i already have the shelves and could have just gotten the tiny legs and tabletop? which would have been only $20, but it was still too short for me!
have someone measure from the floor to your bent elbow while you are standing with ideal posture, and basically if you need a 43inch or lower desk you will probably have many more options :)


I can’t wait to see the desk! Also, OMG NIGHTSTAND TEA FOR THE MORNING. Also, I tried the Cherry Blossom but didn’t have enough water so it wasn’t a full steep, but I could tell that I loved it anyways, so thank you for this tea (I even saved the full rosebud at the top of the tin for later). Also, yesterday was fun! Fanfic and meatballs.


Oh, sweet! I like that little desk-top standing desk. That might be a good place for me to start. I’m on my feet a lot at work anyways, so I’m not too worried about that… but I sit on my butt a lot at home. :)

I have considered bringing a yoga ball in to sit on at work, but we tend to have pipette tips strewn all over the floor, and they are definitely strong enough to pierce a yoga ball. Not sure I want to risk it.


I wonder how many people that has happened to, OMG! :D


Haha! Not sure anyone would really want to advertise it, Tea Sipper. :) Seems a little embarrassing – messy lab, etc. My desk is beside the tip box filling area, though. Thankfully they’re all clean!


So I’ve measured, and I’m working up a plan for a standing desk! My elbow is 40" off the ground, now to see what will work for me, yay. :)

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ummm, …. i’m a little intimidated by being the first review of this tea. okay more than a little.
and i probably should try it iced before i start my blabbin.
so this is just a place holder i suppose.

thanks from the mountain tops to moraiwe for the sample!

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Ah ha! see! this is me learning.

the minute i smelled and tasted this i recognized how similar it was to the Steve Rogers blend i recently fell in sorta-love with. but i was struck by how much i liked that one vs how much i didn’t super love this one…?
subtle (or not so subtle) changes can make a big difference :)

both teas are Spiced Apple Chai forward blends. apple pie and pastries nom nom.
but the rest is almond vs vanilla, and Assam vs Irish Breakfast (a Ceylon & Assam blend).
what’s not to love about almond OR vanilla? potato, potato.
so …SCIENCE! i’m guessing i don’t like Ceylon as much as some other types?? i’ve always known i’m an assam gal. go figure.

controversial opinion: i liked the first movie more than the second one. kinda lots more. could be the book and fic reading changed my expectations? bam!


I found that with the first ones, reading the books and then starting the movies the next week was really tough. The movies seem to stand alone, not only with the changes made, but the visuals are better (for me) than pages and pages of description. I read the Hobbit after the very first LOTR movie came out. So thankfully I don’t remember all of it.


Yeeesh. Here’s an unpopular opinion – I hated the first movie and don’t want to watch the rest. :| I can’t even remember what it was that I didn’t like about it, but I’ll stick with the books and the fic I guess.

I wouldn’t mind watching some Smaug-Bilbo actions though…


The Hobbit, Cavo? I’m a completist, so I’m watching. Some parts are hilarious, some parts annoying. I’m so glad there’s only one more movie. There is only one more, right?


I hope? I just don’t understand why it had to be 3 movies to begin with! I really, really loved the LOTR movies, and I have the extended dvd’s and have watched the repeatedly, but… IDK why I couldn’t get into the Hobbit.


Haha! I don’t understand why it had to be 3 movies, either. Oh well. Dwarvish eye candy, I guess.


One: I love the Steve Rogers tea!
Two: The Hobbit was one of my favorite books out of Tolkien’s works, and still is. I was really confused when they said they were doing the movie in three parts though. The changes and additions they made make sense at least, versus some other book to movie adaptations (I’m looking at you, Percy Jackson!) Also, gotta say I’m totally in love with Tauriel!


Kick ass elf fighter ladies, FTW!

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i know i don’t have to say it every time, but i had so much fun planning the adagio buy & swap i did with moraiwe that i just feel compelled to mention it yet again.
LOOK at ALL THE TEA i get to try! looook!
and i get to share it with my sister too! double fun all around. and my sis is the reason i even read The Hobbit in the first place.** so totally awesome.

not a bad tea at all! but, ….yes but, ….i’m gonna blame the white tea for why i don’t mega love this blend. i like oolongs lots, but sometimes i just need my white in a very specific context to really enjoy it in the best way. so it’s a very yummy tea, but it just doesn’t warm my veins the way some other similarly flavored teas do.
it’s cool though, more for oddree!!

**(being an english major and an ex-english teacher and a general overall power reader, she has read LOTR and The Hobbit numerous times.) (also, with that bio under her belt, she seriously makes the BEST fic recs. and she sent me a brilliant fic that i started reading but had to stop because i hadn’t actually read The Hobbit yet. so i saw the first movie, paused the fic, read The Hobbit, then resumed the fic. all thanks to her nudges.)

(in hindsight, i hope oddree doesn’t mind that this post is like all about her?? haha, i just had the stuff to say about the stuff and stuff. xo)


No that’s cool :) A friend of yours introduced me to Tolkien in the first place way back when. I feel lucky to share all the tea and fic recs with someone who gets it (and shares many fandoms too!)


I definitely second the quality fic recs. oddree, you need a rec blog or something! :D


Oh – what’s the fic? I love the hobbit!
I had already read it before, but I was quite happy to read it again in a university class on children’s lit. :)

I support this rec blog idea. Or + fanfic thread updates!

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sorry sis but i drank ALL of the Pancake Breakfast myself!
i couldn’t help it!

this tea has some similar qualities to the ATR brioche, but with less almondness and more of maybe a buttery note. i don’t get too much maple from it myself but i do get a nice bready sweetness.

i haven’t had much luck with 52teas in the past, and took a kinda long break from trying them, but i’m starting to think that i just had bad luck and also that i was too inexperienced to know what i was tasting. i was seriously a newb.

so! a special thanks to Eva for swapping this with me and re-igniting my interest in 52teas.

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i have a cat named House Party 3.

i drink my tea plain.

vegan. fine arts major. bass player. runner. yoga do-er. childfree. scifi fan. e-reader fanatic. knitting newb. ADHD club member (ie; all my exclamation points are for realz!!)

i’m always aspiring to read more books.

i don’t care what you say, chamomile is barfaroony.
i’m so over rooibos.
evil hibiscus is evil.

some tea pictures!

Steepster’s Ultimate Fan Fic Thread!

i only log each tea i taste once.

!!! SWAPPING !!!

ALWAYS interested in reducing my tea stash, so please ask if you want to swap or sample something! even if it’s just one tea.

every tea in my cupboard is swapable! (at least i TRY to keep it up to date)
every tea i have tried is listed in my rated teas.


Virginia, USA

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