768 Tasting Notes

okay so if you don’t wanna ever have to consider or think about fictional characters having gay love moments then scroll away now!!!
because i read a story once in which Greg knew Sherlock when he was young and in college and kinda a mess with drugs. and Greg saved him from lots of law problems. Sherlock’s brilliance being obvious and even more blinding when compounded with youth. and Sherlock being anti-social and friendless even more alienating when compounded with youth. and in this story young Sherlock seduced the pained and haunted detective. making them kinda forever grateful and changed and connected through a familiar understanding of i knew you then when things were so ugly and we were islands.
we were islands.
and that is my Lestrade.

the new series has him with a strained warmth that more vintage versions of Sherlock Holmes don’t quite embody.
and i love modern Lestrade so so much.
also this tea does smell kinda like the idea of his well used car/leather shoes/stubbled face/old coffee cups.

it’s the rare and strained warmth of a sensitive BAMF.


Duuude. Lestrade though. He was the first of the fandom blends that I bought and I kinda died when I finished the last of him last year!


I’d have to agree with you. BBC Sherlock’s Lestrade is my favorite incarnation of the character.


Oooooh, that’s an interesting match! I’m so used to thinking of Lestrade with that OTHER Holmes, (and boy, have I grown to like him too…)


Also, you should start ALL your tsating notes witih warnings like that so I know which ones I need to hurry and scroll down to the best parts for!

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come on Wizard! work your magic!
i have lots to do today!
wave your staff!
look angry!
swish your beard!
fire and brimstone!
make it happen!


I do love your fandom blend notes.


Right! I wish I could like them more than once!

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Here to fore be known as “Grumpy Wizard”.

step 1.) avoid cleaning your room for 2 months
step 2.) tell yourself all day that you’re going to clean your room as soon as you get home form work
step 3.) brew a big cup of gandalf and organize your fic until 2am instead
(a large part of that time was taken up searching for one specific story that i just read maybe a week ago but i’m convinced now that i must have made it entirely up because it is NOWHERE to be found! wtf!)

pretty nice tea for the evening cuz it’s mellow.
but this wizard’s magic was totally no help with the chores.
thanks thanks thanks jump62359 for the opportunity to try the original Gandalf.

my cat tried to drink out of the cup, but don’t worry i punched her. (*no i didn’t. chillout peeple i wouldn’t really punch a cat)


UGH I hate when that happens! The wandering/missing/did it ever really exist??? fic.


Was it a dream? I don’t even know what that fic was but the fact that you spent so much time searching for it has convinced me that it must be on the top of the rec list and why haven’t I read it yet? /flails/


I have spent weeks before looking for that one story with that one line I like so much but can’t remember perfectly. Weeks. So I understand.


funny enough i found a tumblr the other day that was ONLY ppl describing random fic plots and the moderators would help them find the fic!
i thought it was hilarious.

anonymous said:
it’s a clint/phil story where they work together and then they sit on the couch at Shield and then Hawkeye shoots arrows pew pew and then they get drunk/trapped/lost/camping/etc and kiss goodnight… can you help me find it thanks!?

here it is, dragon!clint / merman!phil meet at a pub linklinklink enjoy!

(i’m joking. it was actually a helpful blog. and accurate! they are achieving the impossible! dreams can come true.)


oh, but it was only clint & phil plots. and the fic i lost had neither dude in it.


That’s an amazing public service.
Also, I think I need to start tagging my fic with !‘s (Demon!Dean, Child!Sherlock etc). I will never be done tagging. I should probably stop so I can just read more fic but my brain won’t allow it.


They have a journal on Livejournal that was just for fic finding. Usually one sentence was enough for someone to recognize it – kind of hilarious.

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OMG DUDES Cara’s hobbity-type-beings-but-not-hobbits-especially-not-hobbits-from-that-book teas are back and they are ALL wearing sunglasses!
they are incognito!! cuz they aren’t Hobbits or Dwarves shhh.
also they have black censoring tape to take care of some editing. and the names of the teas have changed into ridiculous & simple caricatures. and the whole thing is just a little bit angsty and a ton playful and super great.
amazeballs. awesomesauce. boomerangs.
i completely love it so much i wanna puke.

i drank this tea. it’s chamomile and a little hibiscus. so i just brewed it and drank it and that was that.
sorry Molly, idk why everyone insists on portraying you as so kinda flat & dull. (but then again this tea was created during season 1 i think so it makes more sense with that in mind at least.)


Oh, that’s awesome! I’ll have to talk some locals into a fandom order. :)



Sami Kelsh


I wonder how a series 3 Molly tea would differ from series 1 Molly. There would definitely need to be a shift in flavour profile.


Aaaaand I foresee another order in my almost immediate future!


Broken dreams and bitter disappointment, I think, Isaila. Could you imagine that dramatic action hero Sherlock actually meaning it? I can’t! But then, I’m a little cynical. :)


Yeah this blend was before all the kissing & slapping. :D

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it’s great how Eva actually read my mind and that i was curious about this tea when she mailed me our swap!

i think i’m gonna have to order a little sample pouch of this. i always love a black dessert tea from della. but i don’t think i had enough leaf to really immerse myself in the flavor the way i usually like to. at least not the way that i drink tea hahaha. BUT i still have the satisfaction of checking this tea off the list!!
i know there are a handful of you who know what i’m talkin about…. :)


…can i just send you my package?

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Waiting for the bus in the rain, in the rain, Wait-waiting for the bus in the rain. Waiting for the bus in the rain, in the rain, Wait-waiting for the bus in the rain….

i’m listening to my first Nightvale episode ever. well, actually now i’ve moved onto my 2nd episode. but you know.

i guess i started out a bit more confused with the whole podcast than i thought i would be? not that i was really trying to make sense of it, not at all, but more like i’m not sure i speak their creative language yet.
guise don’t jump on me okay i’m just along for the ride :)
the ride on the bus.
that i’m waiting for.

i picked this tea because it was the first thing he said that was a tea i have here.
a vanilla forward scented blend, with vanilla creme and a kind of warm oily note from the sesame.
this MIGHT be one of the FIRST blends i’ve had that i REALLY get each of the teas in the taste. all the teas are present and accounted for.

i’m gonna try to listen to 1 or 2 episodes a day while i do numbery stuff at work.
welcome to nightvale shmiracles!


Sami Kelsh


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got some swap boxes in the mail friday evening!
thanks to moraiwe for this decadent pumpkin elixir! it is probably the most buttery and natural pumpkin scented tea i’ve had yet. and it really does feel like i’m sitting next to the oven.
it has an illusive quality to it. and it’s so truthful in it’s flavor that i don’t think i can really define this cup. like it’s so front & center and close that i can’t even see it.
i’m not sure if this sounds as flattering as i’m intending it to, but seriously, if you’ve had this tea you probably already know what i’m talking about.
tasting is believing.
at the end of this cup i added just a touch of agave and cream to see what that was like, but really, i recommend this tea plain. it’s got secrets in there that won’t be revealed with additives.
and holy crap does moraiwe have good taste knowing that this is a perfect contrasting & notable tea to add as a mystery swap bonus. whew!

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wow does THIS blend suit the character perfectly!

earthy gunpowder mixed with creme and aniseed.
like an old leather jacket.
it has an edge. and a mystery is just built into the uniqueness of the blend that will probably get me drinking it more often than i would have ever expected.


Ooo. This one is going on my list. :D

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i’m not the hugest Teen Wolf fan out there or anything. but there would have to be something wrong with me if i couldn’t see the appeal of a show that has a fan base like this one does.
and good casting is just good casting amiright?!!!
i totally watch episodes here and there.
usually because oddree will tell me something about the plot and then i’ll just have to go see this wonderful nonesense for myself.

so i ordered this tea cuz this is totally my sister’s ship.
but also, the blend sounded freakin delicious! definitely not really flavoured like my other teas.
and i declare this to be a very good choice i made. (yay self! yay tea!)

it’s totally a cherry tea. i mean the smell in the bag isn’t very appealing, but like many adagio teas, it’s much subtler after it’s brewed. blends nicely with the almond notes.

all the kids on this show get drama-show tortured and tormented. it’s hard enough being a teenager without all the magic ya know?? when i watched an episode this weekend, i think i must have said “poor so-and-so” at least 15 times. sheesh. sigh.


YAY! I totally appreciate the ship support – and these teas are pretty great, too. Also, the After After Show. And helping to pass the time while rolling out pierogi dough. Happy Moonday!


yay Stiles! i’ve only seen seasons 1 and 2 but i was super surprised how much i dug it.

Sami Kelsh

All I know about Teen Wolf I know from tumblr. Which means that if Wolf weren’t in the title, I’d think it was just a show about a weirdly intense dude and his snarky little boyfriend and some other people who sometimes show up I guess.

Oh tumblr. Don’t ever change.

Adagio cherry has kind of a cough-syrup note to its smell for me in its dry state, but it’s so nice when it’s actually brewed.


I watched season one and jumped ship. From episode recaps, etc, I’m kinda glad I did!


Sami, I’ve been laughing at your description since yesterday hahaha! I can’t defend the show, really, and I can’t take fanwank anymore, but when I OTP, I OTP, and I’ve been having a blast since last summer with this ship, I just choose my fics and tumblrs wisely. Even if I wasn’t watching the show, I’d try to catch the After After Show online.


i mean, i haven’t kept up but that WAS pretty much the show, really, at least 1 and 2. ha.

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what a clever blend.
both sweet and strong at the same time.

i drank this on friday evening, right before leaving work. so i’ll admit it was days ago and i was a bit distracted at the time.
so hopefully i’ll add more notes later when i drink it again soon.

as of yesterday my very good friend has finally started watching Sherlock. she’s only watched the first episode so far…

[text from bff:] did you slowly develop a crush on benedict cumberbatch as you got more into sherlock?

[my response:] you just described everyone who has watched bbc Sherlock. Ever.

[my PS:] what’s martin freeman? chopped liver?!?!?

then i proceeded to send her every picture of martin freeman that’s saved to my phone. (fyi. it’s a lot a pictures. and a lot of dapper suits.)

Sami Kelsh

YAY SALLY! I think I like Sally Donovan more than even the show likes Sally Donovan. I’d watch a show about Sally Donovan.


I think I like Watson & Sherlock equally! I especially loved Watson’s badassery in the last episode. “I know how to sprain your arm, I’m a doctor.”
I REALLY want an Adagio blend based from the last episode’s really weird ostrich/cupid/katana statue they kept showing!


I don’t really get Bandytoots. Watson is my jive for this BBC version. :)

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i have a cat named House Party 3.

i drink my tea plain.

vegan. fine arts major. bass player. runner. yoga do-er. childfree. scifi fan. e-reader fanatic. knitting newb. ADHD club member (ie; all my exclamation points are for realz!!)

i’m always aspiring to read more books.

i don’t care what you say, chamomile is barfaroony.
i’m so over rooibos.
evil hibiscus is evil.

some tea pictures!

Steepster’s Ultimate Fan Fic Thread!

i only log each tea i taste once.

!!! SWAPPING !!!

ALWAYS interested in reducing my tea stash, so please ask if you want to swap or sample something! even if it’s just one tea.

every tea in my cupboard is swapable! (at least i TRY to keep it up to date)
every tea i have tried is listed in my rated teas.


Virginia, USA

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