775 Tasting Notes

my tastebuds have some kind of weird block against this tea i think. every time i’ve tried it i ended up in somesort of uncertain flavors realm.

i’m not even gonna mess with a tasting note really. it was just that confusing. i’m pretty sure this tea is delicious and i don’t trust myself.

thanks to jump62359 for this memorably weird experience!

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Bro, that’s right, I’m Team Hawkguy, bro.

i have Hawkeye on my phone lockscreen. i have Hawkeye on my phone wallpaper.
i have digital copies of the all around awesome Fraction comic series as well as the monthly issues and the then compiled editions because i love the art and i love the story and i love agent barton and i love pizza dog. the comic series doesn’t have any huge action battle scenes. very un-comic book like. but what it does have is lots and lots of panels of Clint’s face. usually confused or stressed or bruised or surprised. he’s just a man. a dude. kinda a mess of a dude. he’s all sore muscles and avoiding phone calls and a haphazard yet easy-going landlord that can’t seem to hook-up his own cable connection. he drinks too much coffee and seems to only eat pizza and is bad with all kinds of relationships. he wears a santa hat and watches Dog Cops and fights the mob.

he’s a human dude with a lot of bravery and vulnerability. and despite all the quippy jokes and clowing around this prankster sometimes makes, i’m not sure this blend seems very Clint Barton to me. my Clint is a mix of damaged yet optimistic fuck-up and confident independent killing machine. and the flavors here are bit too bright to express all his complex qualities.

but OBVIOUSLY i have a lot of Hawkeye feeels so i suspect that maybe just maybe my vision is a little muddied.

the gunpowder wasn’t really noticeable in my first cup, and i hope that comes out more in the future. i’ll brew it for longer next time for sure. on the plus side, the lemon grass and coconut flavors make this a very very drinkable tea overall. so i’ll have no problem enjoying the tea itself :)

“Boomerang Arrow, Kate— it comes back to you in the end. Boomerang. Respect it.”
“Why the hell do you need an arrow that comes back to you after you shoot it, Clint?”


Bro, I’m wearing my Hawkguy shirt right now, bro!


bro, totally awesome, bro! mad props ;)


Hawkguy! I keep seeing bits of it on tumblr, and it looks so interesting. :)


I do archery, so naturally I love anyone who shoots. I feel like I should know more about original Hawkeye though. What did you think about Hawkeye in the Avengers movies? Just curious :)


Not enough Hawkeye. IMO. But then, I fell asleep during the Avengers, so maybe I’m not the best source. :D


hey isaila, i feel like i saw you mention archery in a comment once and that’s when i followed you. one of my roommates has a whole collection of these little archery pin awards? and when the weather gets warmer we plan to maybe/hopefully set up some targets in the back yard. (i tried archery out a few times when i was younger.)
the second Avengers movie promises to have much more of Hawkeye in it than the first one. cuz, ya know, in the first one he was mostly possessed and stuff.
as Marvel tends to do, i think their casting in the movie is impeccable. and it’s hard to talk about comics often because there are always multiple interpretations and reinterpretations going on, but in truth, the Renner Hawkeye is kinda what helped bring the new comic/cartoon Hawkeye into it’s modern Hawkguy brilliance.

damnit i could ramble forever about this crap. if you haven’t looked into Kate Bishop Hawkeye you might really like her. she is also in the new comics.
i also love Green Arrow. read many of the comics, enjoyed his Smallville presence, and currently watch the show Arrow with enthusiasm. basically, archers in fiction are perma-loners and their politics tend to be more radical and isn’t there just something so poetic about the bow and arrow?!

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“So, in fact … You-you mean …”
“I’m your … … best …”
“… man.”
“… friend?”
“Yeah, ’course you are. ’Course you’re my best friend.”
John watches with interest as he takes a long slurping drink of his tea and then swallows.
“Well, how was that?”
“Surprisingly okay.”

i had NO idea i would like this tea this much. seriously no idea.
it has cinnamon in it for heavens sake. so, maybe, just maybe, cinnamon isn’t my problem? or maybe the apples and oranges balance it out nice?
it does have a kinda spiced cider flavor to it almost.
i’m really surprised.

it’s like this strange balance between fruity and dry, and maybe even a tad idea of salty? probably the puerh.

it’s definitely a weird kind of tea. not normal. and after reading my reviews for over a year you probably know right away that that’s why i respond to it. i like it weird. beautiful things are usually a little lopsided. i like the flaws and imperfections. or as Frances Ha said, “I like things that look like mistakes”. that’s where the art and magic of life is.

Terri HarpLady

I couldn’t agree with you more on the last statement!


This sounds really lovely, and wholly appropriate for your quotes.


Maybe it has to do with the quality of cinnamon? Or maybe where the cinnamon originated.



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“The game is something.”
“Yeah, that. That.”

what a light and bright cup! and earthy too!
i’m so glad i bought this. i love black teas most, but i am certainly always searching for a good dazzling green tea with heart. something i can gulp regularly that has weight but isn’t dense.

“What a couple of lightweights. You couldn’t even make it to closing time.”

the flavors in this blend are strong. so i’m not sure how resilient it will be for the long haul. but tonight i brewed it short and sipped it casually. and i enjoyed it’s stoic freshness very much.

perhaps someday i could even try it with a side of limoncello.

“He’s clueing”
“He’s clueing for looks.”

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holy crap steepster looks so different! i love it. looove it!

and TAGS!?!? we are working with TAGS NOW?!!! that is so cool. i hope it becomes an awesome and beautiful and messy and poetic world of tag chaos. this is gonna be good :)

but seriously, i’m not really serious enough of a tea drinker to take the time to record the amount of tea i brewed in what amount of water i used. so now i will just proceed with ignoring that part of the review process details along with how i have always ignored the steep time and water temp questions. but HECK am i glad that there are tea drinkers that are patient enough to do this!! so you, yes you! thanks!

this tea IS chocolatey-ish i guess. and it is kinda cinnamon-y i suppose. it’s not bad or anything, it’s actually pretty nice. it’s just also a little flat i think? idk. i’ll drink a cup again soon and re-write this when i feel differently.

thanks as always to jump62359 for this fandom sample!!

public service announcement: always confirm consent before touching the butts.

Terri HarpLady

Yeah, I’ll be one of the people ignoring all the extras, most likely. Too many things to fill out overwhelms me, LOL. But I’m still excited about the re-do, & looking forward to seeing all these features in action.


Oh man, I just realized that if we can create all our own tags, yours may be the most interesting reviews out there. (If they aren’t already? :P Butt-toucher)

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“There’s another bedroom upstairs, if you’ll be needing two bedrooms.”
“Of course we’ll be needing two bedrooms.”
“Oh, don’t worry. We get all sorts ‘round here. Mrs. Turner next door’s got married ones.”

i’ll be honest. this cup of tea is really very good.
i’m not sure that the half-a-sample-tin i’m splitting with moraiwe will be enough. it’s basically just assam and almond tea. simple.
and yet it tasted like old quilts and warm cookies. so warming and cozy when i brewed it first thing this morning! maybe i’m extra sensitive and susceptible first thing in the morning, but i’m still looking forward to another cup tomorrow :)
and i’m gonna have it with tea biscuits then too!

finished my sample up as i packed up tea swaps to mail tomorrow. there was something i really liked about this tea and if i keep considering it for weeks to come, which leads to buying some of my own or at least getting more in a swap, i wouldn’t be surprised.


I’m not your housekeeper dear. ;-)


Oh, asssam!

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“Well then. Short version. Not dead.”

thanks to jump62359 for this sample! it’s such an earthy mellow brew.
smoky and smooth i suppose the gunpowder kinda takes over a bit in the personality category. that, paired with the afternoon mediumness of the ceylon, it’s a very mellow and fairly flat cup.

which is appropriate for this theme!

so sad and angry and frustrated and relieved i abandon all reason and collapse dramatically on the warm loose flat earth. hands at my sides and flat on my belly. it’s over.

not dead.

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let me tell you what happened.
i got this awesome swap from jump62359 and i just started enthusiastically drinking them. dove right in.

however, it seems that 3 teas i picked in a row to try from the swap all had chai in them. chai chai chai. and this tea itself was so kinda dull, that i just kept procrastinating making a note. and then i would brew another cup. and try to pay better attention while sipping. and maybe figure the tea out more. maybe it would click or something? but nope. not this one.

(i would brew it. taste it. taste it some more. i would get bored. it would get cold.)

what i do love about this tea is that it makes me think of Elementary’s Sebastian Moran who i thought was very good and menacing. and still i “felt something” for the man. he was cast very well. (i suspect casting is why Elementary has grown on me so strongly.) (also the show has/had a trans-woman casted and portrayed it and not in any kind of weird or outlandish way, she was written and acted with depth and nuance.) (also all the women on the show (all two of them? hah) aren’t annoying. which is basically unheard of on american tv.)(i ramble…)

the other thing i like about this tea is that Tea Sipper apparently loves it! she has a much more sensitive palate than me. i can say that with confidence and very little background information because basically EVERYBODY has a more sensitive palate than i do!! hahah
i still have a few more cups of this so i will give it a rest for a while and then try again, while channeling Tea Sipper through my brew. i love the learning puzzle that’s sometimes tea.


Oh good, I’ll be channeled :D I wouldn’t say I have a sensitive palate.. I don’t know. I tried watching Elementary a couple times but I kept figuring out the twists way before Sherlock. I do not like to be smarter than my Sherlocks. :D I’ve got too many shows to watch anyway.


too many showz,… ikr tell me about it!
and i confess, i may be a huge sherlock and ‘magic’ and scifi show watcher, but i do have my consistent share of guilty pleasures (SVU & Bones basically). so yes i agree that Elementary basically falls in that category. ie; formulaic non-magic-themed american tv.
i wouldn’t really encourage anyone else to watch it, but i also have no intention of stopping myself! :)

tea-sipper I’m very happy I recently learned the BBC Sherlock isn’t really going to stop.. they will just keep taping new episodes whenever they feel like it!

that is the MOST exciting! and sure i’d like more episodes each year, but really each episode is SO rewatchable and the quality is so high, that i wouldn’t wanna trade quantity for quality ever.

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Phil Coulson!
the original fan boy!
(and who wouldn’t be for a captains uniform like Steve’s)
(now come to think of it, it’s pretty easy to imagine Phil drinking tea. it goes with his suits. and perhaps he’d swap samples with Bruce and Natasha.)

it snowed last night and i was hoping for a snow day so i could stay home and drink all my new tea that arrived yesterday. that didn’t happen, but i did still try my first Coulson cup as i tried to watch the opening scene to Agents of Shield. (problem there was no new episode last night)

keeping my story long, i didn’t know what the ingredients were in this blend. i just wanted to get to know Phil. so 30 min later when i was yellllling with enthusiasm at my sister about fanish things while we were trying to defrost her car. i HAD to calm myself down and wonder aloud, ‘what was in that tea’

maté. the answer is maté.

which i never drink. but i should probably drink it before every party.

i think this was my gateway maté.
also, it’s very strong. it’s for when you need to bring out the big guns. and that is totally Phil Coulson.

the smell of this tea is delicious cuz anytime you put adagio’s chestnut or caramel or hazelnut teas in a blend it takes over and smells like cake. yay cake.

so at first the flavor i got from the tea was confusing because i didn’t know it was maté. but now that i understand what i was tasting, i declare Agent Coulson’s tea BADASS. i seriously enjoyed the toasted maté sample i got in a swap way back when, i even thought about buying more, and this is the best way ever to buy more!

i suspect i will be able to get my boyfriend addicted to this tea cuz he’s the real maté drinker in the house, and then i will have an excuse to ALWAYS buy more Phil Coulson if i want.

Agent, report.


Ahaha you’re going to get your bf to drink Coulson tea. And yes, you were yelling with enthusiasm, but it’s fannish stuff and mate is a good excuse. Well, Coulson is a fanboy, so.


Haha! That’s awesome! Mate before every party indeed. :)


I’d like to… buy… some Coulson.

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oh Watson!
“Does yours rub off too?”
“Are you going to keep that?”
“Seriously it’s not a joke, you’re keeping that?”
stiff upper lip and all that…
this fuzzy tea is irish breakfast with a crumb of chai. not too much chai.
(that was really my main concern you see. balance.)
but it’s yummy! yummy like john.
keep the ‘stache john! you’re an independent man! celebrate!
you go gurl!

what am i even saying, we all know john is, well, maybe not entirely that.
john is in pain. and this tea is comforting. comforting like the little blanket he has there on his upper lip.

thanks so much to the darling jump62359! this was the tea, that lead to the swap, that started it all.

fyi i’m looking for fandom blend swap buddies


haha gotta love Sherlock!


Blanket on his upper lip! That just gave me the heebie jeebies! :)


Ah, I just rewatched the moosetache episode. :D

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i have a cat named House Party 3.

i drink my tea plain.

vegan. fine arts major. bass player. runner. yoga do-er. childfree. scifi fan. e-reader fanatic. knitting newb. ADHD club member (ie; all my exclamation points are for realz!!)

i’m always aspiring to read more books.

i don’t care what you say, chamomile is barfaroony.
i’m so over rooibos.
evil hibiscus is evil.

some tea pictures!

Steepster’s Ultimate Fan Fic Thread!

i only log each tea i taste once.

!!! SWAPPING !!!

ALWAYS interested in reducing my tea stash, so please ask if you want to swap or sample something! even if it’s just one tea.

every tea in my cupboard is swapable! (at least i TRY to keep it up to date)
every tea i have tried is listed in my rated teas.


Virginia, USA

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