775 Tasting Notes

drank Toasted Mate by Adagio Teas
775 tasting notes

my boyfriend really likes maté. so basically in my mind i designate all maté as his. if i open a new bag and put it in a canister, i point out “your maté is here” so i can feel sure he will enjoy it.
the result is that all of my maté is tasted from his cup. haha (can i have a sip?) (can i have another sip?) (could i have one more sip?)
but it also means he uses and enjoys all my tea accessories, which i think would be lost on him otherwise.
this is a nice maté! i’ve never had a plain one before. so i feel extra glad that TastyBrew sent me some. honestly i like it much more than i thought i would. it’s a unique flavor. definitely the toasted-ness makes it extra warming.
and not that he’s a tough sell, but the boy seems to like it too!


That must be a boyfriend thing! We do the same thing here :)

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thanks to TastyBrewwww for the moar teaaaa!
(this is tea tasted number 297. i’m keeping track cuz for the 300th tea i’m opening Laoshan Black and trying it for the first time.)(and it looks like that will be tomorrow morning!)
i’m afraid all this tasting is turning me into a tea snob. like in the bad way. it’s that i catch myself having some weird expectations of what i think a tea should taste like by the scent or ingredients, and then when it doesn’t match my presupposed expectations i get overly judgmental. this is not the tea drinker i want to be!!
naw no
i wanna be open to each sip. and judge it in the moment. and see what i can discern and what speaks to me (i have scarred sinuses and a poor sense of smell but i want to do my very best.)
so when i first tasted this i was all ‘meh’. but why? i really had no reason.
it’s a nice tea. i guess i should just put things in the buy or not buy categories? pass/fail?
this tea is gentle. and pretty tasty. slightly vanilla. but i wouldn’t buy more. just cuz there are other vanilla teas i’ve like more. oh that perpetual vanilla hunt.

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OH CRAP. NOW i know what it’s like to have too many teas to try!
swaps from TastyBrew, Shadowfall, Dinosara, Shelley_Lorraine have done me in.
with whatshesaid, Sil, Scheherazade, and CHAroma swaps still to come!
what have i done!?!?! hahahaha
it’s craziness. it’s chaos. teasanity! and VERY FUN!
but - i NEED a SYSTEM. i feel like i should apologize to Scheherazade and CHAroma for being such a disorganized swap partner this time around. i’ve lost complete track of what teas i have and what teas i am craving and what tea is still en route or in process.
i’m really new to the swapping and i kinda dove in headfirst with a flourish. as i usually do with everything.
i’m not a half measure type of person.
How do you guys do it?!
How do you make sure you don’t get swaps of things you already have?
Or have already tasted?
and how the hell do you decide from a mountain of tea what to drink next?!?!? haha
these are the funnest problems to have.

yesterday as i had a mountain of little tea swap samples spread out in front of me in the kitchen my boyfriend was like, “do you have a whole world of online friends that i don’t even know about?”, like it had just occurred to him that the tea comes from people (giving and thoughtful and passionate people), and i was like “duh ya”.

this tea. it’s nice. i like it. but it’s not super exciting.
i followed the steeping directions pretty closely. it is vanilla but not really enough. and the tea base isn’t thrilling either. it’s a middle tea. but this is the 296th unique tea i’ve tasted! all thanks to swapping. and this one specifically thanks to TastyBrew.


i STRONGLY suggest that if you’re doing a lot of swaps at once, the minute you get them, put the name of the person on to the package. I started adding mine when i realised that if i were going to get a few more teas in, i’d have lost who gave it to me. That way, even if it takes a while, i still know who gave it to me to thank them when i get around to it.

I also try to get to my swaps right away so that i can add them to my cupboard and then take them out sooner rather than later. If i do other swaps, i just warn the person i might not have a lot to share of some things. :)
i also have now needed to sort my swaps into “flavoured” and non flavoured so that i can just pull a random sample from the box depending on my mood for either.

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

Sil that was possibly some of the best advice you gave me, way back :) (well not that far back, haha)

it gets REAL easy to lose track REAL fast, haha.


oh flavored and non-flavored, that’s a good idea! very good. plus i was thinking i’ll start a “plain” tea cycle of tasting soon. i have so much to learn and teach my mouth, hopefully i will gain some tea XP.
i guess i use my email as an organization tool? when i send a swap i email myself a list of the teas i’ve sent and the address and swapper info. then when i receive it i also email myself a list of what was in the box. that way i can search my email for the tea and find out where the hell it came from. (basically a nerdier and more cumbersome way of doing what you recommended so efficiently) haha!

Sil, you are definitely an experienced tea wrangler. your masterful navigation of the tea stash is legendary!! and your tips have probably helped more than just me i’m sure. THANKS very much!


I have a spreadsheet that includes putting in who sent me the tea and where I’ve stored it. That way I know what I have and then when I swap it, I know where to find it. It just requires maintaining because even the last time I swapped I had no idea where I put one tea.


I was going to say…i have a spreadsheet as well, though i’m been a bit silly with it. I put in what i get from people but then when it comes to what i sent, because i add in random things here and there. My spreadsheet is steepster name, what i asked for (not what i received); what they asked for, they’re real name and address and then future columns have repeats of what they asked for and what i gave them if there are repeat swaps with the same person.

I also colour code the spreadsheet – red means i’ve received something from them but they have not yet received my package. Yellow is, they’ve got it but i’m still waiting on theirs and then it’s green once we’re both in a happy place. Red = i’m a bad bad tea swapper…yellow because it’s typically “caution” and at least in that case it’s only ME out the tea, which i prefer to them not having received mypackage.

It’a a good way to track bugging people as to whether they’ve received MY swap so that i’m not inadvertantly not delivering on my end of things because they may have forgotten to tell me. Also RL comes up, so sometimes people just totally forget to say HEY! i got your package! ;)

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

You guys are hardcore! :)


whatshesaid…i prefer to just think of myself as anal retentive…or really organised lol. I dunno about hardcore…i just derive pleasure out of organising things…same reason i sort and organise my tea for fun every few weeks lol


man-handling my tea is my number one hobby.

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

Hardcore…tea organizers ;)

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relaxing. maybe too strongly spiced for me to drink it regularly, but it’s still a very nice blend.
i aim to try all the tulsi teas i can.

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drank Breakfast Earl Grey by Lupicia
775 tasting notes

tea 294. i’ll be at 300 teas tasted before the week is up.
this sample bag is from TastyBrew. (thank you thank you!)
bold and unflinching. yet earl grey-ey sweet.
sweet dry bitter sweet wet warmth.
i want to write a thoughtful note about this tea. but today i am a bit sullen.
sullen due to beauty.
just blame the fandom. and how bittersweet it can all be.
the way it both magnifies and obscures real life. and makes me want to be honest. perhaps live more like a character in a book. which i know sounds completely immature. and dramatic. but i don’t mean it that way.
good fiction, good art, good poetry, good tea, anything that distills down the experience of living.
anything that helps define the internal complexities.
these things can help us be in the moment.
they inspire me to live in the moment.
that’s what i mean.

Moondog – Bird’s Lament


Welcome to the 300 club….


haha Sil, obviously you deserve the huge welcome to the … 650 club… #teamonster


HAI! i’m only at 300ish teas in my cupboard… 600 club is reserved for kittenna


wait wait no no i’m talking about teas i’ve TASTED. gawd i HOPE i never get to 300 i’d probably get kicked out of my kitchen hah


LOL i couldn’t even tell you how many teas i’ve tasted….

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Fili is the careful older brother. i’ll translate that into more patient and loving. cuz this cup is definitely kind and gentle.
this tea smells really good. and i’m gonna say it’s the hazelnut. with this cup i’ve figured out that every single adagio blend that has hazelnut in it smells great to me. and so i like it. that’s all.

this weekend i went to the Bilbo Baggins Cafe. and in this picture is a Hobbit’s Lemonade cocktail.
i also had beer with blueberry mead in it. i would totally drink that again.

Pippin: What’s that?
Merry: This, my friend, is a pint.
Pippin: It comes in pints? I’m getting one.

thank you very much Shadowfall for sharing all these blends with me. i’ve had a great time. cheers!


You go to the most interesting places.


oh my goodness, i need to go to this place.


Have I told you how obsessed I am with The Lord of the Rings? AGH!!! I guess I’ll be driving to Alexandria next weekend…

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Kili is the reckless one. the younger one. definitely the flirty-er one.
this tea is all chai-ish with it’s cinnamon and it’s cloves and it’s cardamom. and it has a strange scent that i cant quite place and don’t quite like. perhaps it’s due to the way the SLIGHT vanilla mixes in?
i love ginger and i love vanilla too. but i don’t get much of them in this cup.
i don’t know. this tea is confusing. kind all over the place. but it does blend in the end i suppose. haha, just occurred to me, this is probably appropriate for ADHD Kili.
(i’m thinking about making a ginger-nilla lapsang blend via adagio? or maybe just lapsang vanilla.)

a powerful dwarvish head bonk to you Shadowfall!

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“What are you captain of? The Innuendo Squad?”

idk what the descriptor is talking about, this tea is rooibos heavy (at least the sample i got is) so i don’t think it would keep me “up all night”. ..unless john barrowman served it to me personally i suppose??
har har
this IS a nice tea. i can taste the almond and the light chocolate hints.

in related news
someone made this.
and then i watched it.
oh internet.

Single Ladies – John Barrowman

thanks Shadowfall!


That video completely made my day!


Hahaha! I like how they offset the clip used for backup dancers by a few frames to make them feel like separate entities. Very clever!

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“Bravery is by far the kindest word for stupidity, don’t you think?” – Mycroft Holmes

thank you Shadowfall for this taste of the Queen. haha tv joke.
anyways, i don’t really prefer chai’s but even though this smells very chai it tastes mellower. which makes me like it. (perhaps i should just short steep all my chais?) plus it’s a vanilla chai AND there is the chocolate chip tea too. so it’s good!
i LIKE it.

i’ve spent the past 24 hours reading a looooong post-Reichenbach fic which is kinda Mycroft heavy, in a lovely way, so i thought this was an appropriate tea for the evening. here’s to the CCTV warrior.

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The Revolutionary! how can you NOT love the name.
“Crafted as an homage to those who change the world for good.”

it says it’s made with “loads of organic vanilla beans”. but sadly tastes more like it’s made with KINDA MAYBE SOME vanilla beans. but that’s fine.
truth is. i like these Java Tea Company teas because they are super low caffeine. i seriously am tired of rooibos but i never really thought about adding black or green tea to it to give it a little more meat. a little bite perhaps.
i even have some decaf and i should do that more often.
not a tea i love, but i will drink the entire sample that i have that’s for sure.
THANK YOU TastyBrew!


Awesome! I think tasty has some of these set aside for me to try. They sound interesting!


@sil yep I have some of all 3 for you!
@shmiracles I’m glad you are liking them at least a little. The rooibos just ruins them for me. I haven’t tried the chocolate one yet, maybe that will be the winner…

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i have a cat named House Party 3.

i drink my tea plain.

vegan. fine arts major. bass player. runner. yoga do-er. childfree. scifi fan. e-reader fanatic. knitting newb. ADHD club member (ie; all my exclamation points are for realz!!)

i’m always aspiring to read more books.

i don’t care what you say, chamomile is barfaroony.
i’m so over rooibos.
evil hibiscus is evil.

some tea pictures!

Steepster’s Ultimate Fan Fic Thread!

i only log each tea i taste once.

!!! SWAPPING !!!

ALWAYS interested in reducing my tea stash, so please ask if you want to swap or sample something! even if it’s just one tea.

every tea in my cupboard is swapable! (at least i TRY to keep it up to date)
every tea i have tried is listed in my rated teas.


Virginia, USA

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