767 Tasting Notes

idk what i was thinking only bringing 3 teas with me to work.

idk what i was thinking placing ANOTHER order to davidstea before the last one arrives.

idk what i was thinking staying up till 1am when i knew i have to run 7 miles today.

it’s just not the smoothest of days. but crap am i excited to drink my future new tea!


plus sale teapots.


Oooh! Exciting! (All the new orders that is). Hope that’s enough to keep you through the day!

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drank Winter Nog by Della Terra Teas
767 tasting notes

this tea smells almost too crazy!!
it’s super fun. glad i got this to try.

i’m so tired from the gym but i really need to shower. you know how it is.

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drank St. Petersburg by Kusmi Tea
767 tasting notes

i love my 5 russian tea sampler pack i got from kusmi!
the tins are lovely. each smells so potent and decadent. and the russian theme adds a bit of romantic stoicism to each sip.
it’s a literary cup!
my boyfriend declared that the tea was ‘so smooth!’ on first sip, and he didn’t even know what kind i gave him. he could just tell that kusmi was different from the others i’d been brewing for him. and i think that says something.
i don’t get that heavy of a citrus flavor, but it is there. definitely. it adds to the dryness overall.

has anyone made a spreadsheet for their tea?
if so, what kind of info did you keep in it?
am i over doing it?
i mean, steepster has all the info anyways kinda right, so is this really necessary?
and i could just keep a list of the special steep times for the exception teas?
my sister’s friend said i need TEAHAB.

we all just wanna drink our tea down to a manageable amount don’t we?

many of us have decided to try to not buy more tea in 2013 until we drink what we have and make room for the new purchases. i’m no exception. i also have 2 drawers of tea in my kitchen (*see ref a & b) and a 3 rd that i call ‘the-tea-i-shouldn’t-have-bought’ drawer because i have no proper place to put it. it’s the drawer where i put my new orders when they arrive, as a holding place until i have an empty tin or something available for storing them in.

well yesterday i freed up 3 tins and this morning i just finished this tea, St. Petersburg, as well.
goodbye St. Petersburg. you are a healthy stable cup and i will see you again i’m sure.
and i will also use your tin for years to come.

a.) http://instagram.com/p/Uh6QRIoc-a/
b.) http://instagram.com/p/Uh6GZyIc-N/


I’m just checking out their website now :) What would you recommend?


i’ve only tried the 5 russian tea sampler (http://us.kusmitea.com/tea-set/assortments-of-mini-tins/russian-blends-selection.html) and i got a big tin of the Caramel because it seemed to be highly enjoyed on steepster. but in the future i will just get more of the mini-tins definitely. i will easily buy another mini-tin assortment before the winter is up, so that is what i recommend. just pick one that speaks to you.

(i noticed that some people mail each other tea in snail mail regular card envelopes. idk how they keep the tea from getting all smushed and crushed up, but i’d be happy to TRY to send you some caramel if you want.)


Thanks :) Actually I’ve done some swaps and so far everything has arrived to me intact. I’d love to try some if you’re willing. Was there anything you’d like me to send you?


i think next time i might get the “Afternoon Teas” assortment. that one looks good to me at the moment. :)

i’ll send you a message about mailing!

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drank Jessie's Tea by DAVIDsTEA
767 tasting notes

made my breakfast and lunches for the week! feels good and healthy.

TRYING to decide on a book to read – Ninety Days, Devil in the Details, How Should a Person Be?, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, A Field Guide to Getting Lost, Gone Girl, and Songs and Stories of the Ghouls.
i’m really good at reading the first few pages of each and then not deciding on one. and i’m freakin pissing myself off.
don’t worry, it’s my own burden and i do it to myself.

this tea is not very lavender i don’t think. i say that because i don’t really like lavender. but i loooove myself some coconut.

(i will say that i always have a hard time picking this tea because i made the mistake of listening to the songwriter and song the tea description mentions and the thought of it makes me hate people)


Read them all? Personally, I would eeny meeny miney moe to choose what order and then just dig in.


ya right? like just discipline and turn off the doubting brain and just keep reading one. i’m gonna number randomizer it!


I love the number randomizer.


it generated 2, Devil in the Details it is!
thanks for the nudge.

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always in the mood for peppermint tea at a party <3

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drank Cookie Dough by DAVIDsTEA
767 tasting notes

giant tea tasting party!

first i ran 6 miles in the graveyard with Regina and then we drank:
Tardis Blend
Red Velvet Cake
Banana Dream Pie
Guy of Gisborn
Cookie Dough
Santa’s Secret
Buttered Rum

then Audrey came over and i gave her tea samples to take home and we tasted these:
Bilbo Brew
Bouquet of Flowers
Movie Night
Kusmi Caramel
Kusmi Anastazia

and then as i waited for the pizza order to arrive my boything and i drank:
Jane Austen Mafia

oh my this one is a bit strange, in a good way. i almost smell a little alcohol on the nose?
it intrigues me!
and that means it’s going to keep me interested.
watching vintage sherlock.
getting into bed early for an early run tomorrow.
happy warm tea night.


Yay for tea tasting parties! I had one on Thursday with my friend too :D we also swapped a few and I am excited to try them!


Party! Sounds like a blast!


Thats a LOT of tea! :)


Wow! All this tea? Sounds more like tea marathon! :-)


Woaaah. That sounds amazing.


That is so much tea!! They all sound so good too!


Wow, that’s impressive!


to explain in more detail, i usually get out 3 teapots, two glass gongfus that hold about 8oz each, and one forlife teapot that holds 14oz. then i let the guest start to choose!
i line up 4 sets of cups and we start to brew!
pour water for one pot, time it, pour between the cups, begin brewing the next tea, as we sample the first, smelling some more teas, drink half a cup and add raw milk to the last half to see how it changes, about 4 oz of each tea, tea after tea.
i gave Regina 2 types of tea to take home, and my sister maybe 6 or 7.
i buy gold foil bags from carytown teas and use them to share samples with friends. not the cheapest solution at 45cents each but still very affordable and i like sending people home with quality, knowing the tea won’t go wrong before they drink it because it’s protected.
(i think i got my friend hooked and we are gonna do it again this coming weekend! YAY!)

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

I wanna go to your place for this amazing tea party!!

Josie Jade

This is a serious tea party with all of those teas! :)

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drank Creme Brulee by DAVIDsTEA
767 tasting notes

too much ice cream
Oh my tummy
save me Wallander.


Is there really a thing as too much ice cream?

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drank Green and Fruity by DAVIDsTEA
767 tasting notes

i know it’s weird but there is something about the dried fruit part of this tea that i don’t like. or maybe it’s just the whole tea that i don’t like.

but i think i DO like green rooibos because the three lemon green rooibos i have is one of my favorites. i guess i’d just rather eat my dried mango and papaya on the side.

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drank Bangkok by Harney & Sons
767 tasting notes

funny! i had this tea basically one year ago! and i’m trying it for a second time today due to a harney free sample. which is probably what my last taste was too.
but now i am an older and wiser tea drinker. and i just added this tea to my virtual shopping list. i’m not a huge green tea drinker, but i could see this one as a really good and steady spring and summer tea. i enjoy all the elements and flavors in it very much. they are all in line with my tastes.

oooooo i did this crazy thing where i basically used warm water and half as much water and then let it steep a real long time. and i like it. the scent it very rich and alluring. vanilla and lemongrass first, coconut second. and really, not much ginger at all.

i wanna take a bath in it.


I’ve had a few like that, too - and some that would make better bath potpourri than tea ;)

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the scent of this tea really let loose as i began to steep it. first it had a sweet tone that hadn’t been there before. then a cinnamon kick started to rise from the cup as the sweet tones slightly dissipated.
i only steeped this for 2.5 min, but i did steep it with water that was probably definitely too hot (because i am at work and distracted and only think of these details after the fact)
now don’t get me wrong, it is still DEFINITELY an irish breakfast tea first and foremost. i guess i look at several of the adagio fandom teas as just really good staple teas to have in my collection. nothing too fancy. but with a little something warm and special added. it’s that little flourish that brings each it’s own personality.
a tea for the hobbiTEAest of hobbits.


i will say that even though i steeped this hard (so the taste is too astringent), the scent of the tea has a unique charm that is kinda tickling me as i sit at my desk. cuddly.
(i’m definitely gonna do a more gentle steep of this tomorrow morning for breakfast.)


This is definitely one of the teas that’s on my “Will buy when I can justify paying $20+ for shipping”. I’m really curious to see how sweet potato works in a tea!


i’m gonna try to make my own private blend of this! why the hell not :)
i’ll let you know how it goes …


OMG DUDES Cara’s hobbity-type-beings-but-not-hobbits-especially-not-hobbits-from-that-book teas are back and they are ALL wearing sunglasses!
they are incognito!! cuz they aren’t Hobbits or Dwarves shhh nope.
also they have black censoring tape to take care of some editing. and the names of the teas have changed into ridiculous & simple caricatures. and the whole thing is just a little bit angsty and a ton playful and super great. amazeballs. awesomesauce. boomerangs.
i completely love it so much i wanna puke.


Really? This hilarious and awesome! Hahahah

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i have a cat named House Party 3.

i drink my tea plain.

vegan. fine arts major. bass player. runner. yoga do-er. childfree. scifi fan. e-reader fanatic. knitting newb. ADHD club member (ie; all my exclamation points are for realz!!)

i’m always aspiring to read more books.

i don’t care what you say, chamomile is barfaroony.
i’m so over rooibos.
evil hibiscus is evil.

some tea pictures!

Steepster’s Ultimate Fan Fic Thread!

i only log each tea i taste once.

!!! SWAPPING !!!

ALWAYS interested in reducing my tea stash, so please ask if you want to swap or sample something! even if it’s just one tea.

every tea in my cupboard is swapable! (at least i TRY to keep it up to date)
every tea i have tried is listed in my rated teas.


Virginia, USA

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