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exactly what i need right now.
basically i’m having tea for lunch cuz i had a big breakfast and i’ll have a big dinner.
brought a handful of davids ‘24 days of tea’ with me to try.
my very last box from them arrived last night. now i have the winter tree teapot and bubble mugs, as well as two gongfu teapots and bubble mugs. i’m ready for a tea party! as soon as my communal house finishes renovating our kitchen i’m gonna put all my tea and accessories in the cupboards and take pictures.

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drank Paris by Harney & Sons
773 tasting notes

i got home from my trip with this on my doorstep.
the day is overcast and i am in the bluest of moods.
this tea will comfort.


cheer up! hugs


May there be sunshine from the inside out :)


aww…hope your tea is the perfect “pick me up” to turn your mood around.

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@ the bongo room in chicago

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I drank this at a REAL davidstea store IN REAL LIFE! with soymilk and honey. and then I bought half oz bags of 9 different teas. Yum!

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drank Salted Caramel by DAVIDsTEA
773 tasting notes

good morning!
I WAS gonna save this to drink with my sister. but I have bad impulse control and wasn’t thinking when I packed it for my trip. black tea black tea black tea!
it’s a nice tea. Not sure it’s my favorite or anything, but it’s nice. Maybe best at night after dinner like as a cocktail alternative. It tastes … adult.

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appropriately drinking this tea as i read this http://archiveofourown.org/works/324584?view_full_work=true
the scent of this tea is very strange to me, sweet but ‘off’. and it intrigues me over and over.
i think i like it?
i’ll have to get back to you on that.


I completely agree with you. The scent is sweet but off.

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drank Vanilla Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
773 tasting notes

24 days of tea disassembled: http://instagram.com/p/S10nURoc16/
i’m taking a trip this weekend and i separated the tea samples by type so i can bring a variety with me and my timolino travel mug.
guess where i’m going? … chicago
guess what they have there? … davidstea stores!


My boyfriend’s in Chicago right now for work…you’ll never guess where he was sent, muahahaha. One of them is like a block from an el stop!


i know hahaha i already tried to figure out the best route to get from the airport to where we are staying via a davidstea.

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drank Mulberry Magic by DAVIDsTEA
773 tasting notes

my roommate is having a baby in the next room.
home birth!
her contractions are about 5 min apart.
this isn’t a metaphor or anything.


How exciting!!!


It’s a girl! born at 5:35 this morning.
(Not much sleep is a great excuse for all day tea)


Indeed! Baby fingers and toes are the most beautiful things, aren’t they? Welcome to the little one!

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drank Cocomint Cream by DAVIDsTEA
773 tasting notes

this is my last of the cocomint cream! and it’s no longer being sold by davidstea :(
i don’t see why not cuz i think this is a wonderfully perfect spring and summer tea if you ask me! perfect i say!!!
i will gaze sullenly into my cup, and i will savor every single little sip sip sip!!!
(ouch burned my mouth)

do you read fanfic?!?! come tell me what fanfic you are into now eh? i wanna hear all about it!


this has been the best monday ever.
i’m pretty sure i decided this would be the first tea to try weeks ago.
i imagined it would be bolder than it is, but i do like it! perhaps i’ll brew a double strong cup next time just to see.


Love your photo!! Looks like you’ll be having a lot of fun!


Oh man…that picture looks like a good time!


I think I’m halfway through my tin… #clutchesitclose :/ It really should be year round.

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what else would a Green Arrow fan drink while she watches the new episode of Arrow?!

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i have a cat named House Party 3.

i drink my tea plain.

vegan. fine arts major. bass player. runner. yoga do-er. childfree. scifi fan. e-reader fanatic. knitting newb. ADHD club member (ie; all my exclamation points are for realz!!)

i’m always aspiring to read more books.

i don’t care what you say, chamomile is barfaroony.
i’m so over rooibos.
evil hibiscus is evil.

some tea pictures!

Steepster’s Ultimate Fan Fic Thread!

i only log each tea i taste once.

!!! SWAPPING !!!

ALWAYS interested in reducing my tea stash, so please ask if you want to swap or sample something! even if it’s just one tea.

every tea in my cupboard is swapable! (at least i TRY to keep it up to date)
every tea i have tried is listed in my rated teas.


Virginia, USA

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