427 Tasting Notes

Early today I had a cup. I think this is a good tea. I like how the pear tastes light and natural and the mild green tea here that luckily is not over the top for me. This would probley be good iced to

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I had a cup of this with abit of sugar. I like the tea pretty well. The mango is sweet with abit of tart of to it and is about a light to medium taste and the white is light and pleasant tasting.

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I had a cup of this awhile ago. I think this is a pretty good med strength blend of black teas.

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This is another one from Meghann M. thank you. This tastes herb like abit minty and abit fruity and tart. I think this is decent, but the herbalness not for sure which one is abit more for me, and would like the mint and the blueberry to be stronger.


Oh I’ve SO been wanting to try this one!

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Back logging. This is another one I got from Meghann M thank you. I used a fairly short steep time. This has a light to medium banana taste with something else. Luckily the roobios is only subtle here. This is a fairly good tea but not close to a dessert to me.

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drank Banana Dulce by Art of Tea
427 tasting notes

Another blend from Meghann M. thank you. I could mainly taste the banana the chamomile and the coconut. Suprizingly the banana was not over the top and for me that does not like coconut it was bearable in this and the chamomile was strong may of oversteeped. This was a fairly good blend but not dessert to me and I added some sugar.

I tried velvet by this company but sadly did not like it at all.

Meghann M

I found velvet to be a tea I really didn’t care for. i hoped to like it as so many rate it highly, but it wasn’t for me.

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I had a cup of this earlier. This teas is as good as ever. Good medium apple taste with abit of cinnamon and a nice mild yet not weak black tea. Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

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This is another blend I got from Meghann M. Thanks once again. I could taste the roobios slightly but not over the top which makes me happy. While lemon Is not one of my favorite fruits in this Its not extremely tart and it blends well with the peach which I like. I believe this is a pretty good.

Meghann M

I"m glad you liked it!

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Thank you meghann M for sending this and a few other blends to try. Thank you very much. Luckily the roobios is not extremely strong which makes me happy and I can taste the currant and abit of hibiscue to with alittle vanilla and mabe abit of white chocolate. I believe that this blend is fairly good but on the almost too tart side with the hibiscus. Meaning this is good but would not become a favorite. Thanks for giving me the chance to try this.

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I had a bottle of this earlier. I like really like the strong spearmint in this with abit of honey and green tea. This tea is sweet to me with the sugar but not over the top. I really like this tea.

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Hi my name I’s ashley I am a female. I am 29 years old. And I enjoy tea. My birthday I’s december 31.

I used to mostly get decent grocrey store brand tea,until in 2008 with the help of others started into loose leaf and have enjoyed both ever since.

Likes,fruity green teas,white teas,black teas,fruity blacks and whites,peppermint,spearmint,wintergreen,etc.

Dislikes,red roobios,chamomile,cherry,pomegranate,really spicy teas,coconut,earthy teas,cranberry/unless its really mild, ton of hibiscus,cucumber,graperfuit,smokey teas,plum,ton of chocolate/although I can sometimes make exception,plain green tea,really floral teas,nutty teas,


united states IL

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