1112 Tasting Notes

Frostbite is gnarly. It’s currently -10. Or it was but it’s probably a balmy 0 now. Everything the weather drops like this my immune system seems to crap on itself. And I’m not sure thar this herbal blend is helping. It is kind of tasteless. I don’t have covid. But this just is meh. A slight sweetness along with a bit of medicinal echinacea flavor. But otherwise very blah


Stay warm!

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Son has had a cough. Turned into an ear infection. Getting better. Daughter wakes up with red eye. Again. Cleaned like the dickens. Now husband is down with something and I’m feeling the sniffles. _ Thus sounded like a likely helper. Hopefully some good sleep coupled with the elderberry syrup will kick its pants. The flavor is zingy. Spicy. Lemon and echinecia. Not something I’d drink on the regular but right now this is just what I need.


Hope everyone perks up quickly!


Hope everyone is feeling better soon!


Hope it passes quickly!!


I hope you all feel better soon!

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Hello Ground Apple. How are you today? I’m making meatballs. I don’t mind Chamomile. It’s great for upset tummies and when you’re generally feeling under the weather but as an everyday drink. Meh. Don’t get me wrong this is a very good chamomile. Soft on the palate. Summer and spring floral notes with light apple bits.

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Needed something. Didn’t want a drinky drink. Not a big fan of peppermint tea but wanted to see what this had to offer. This is very refreshing. Slightly woody and slightly creamy. Smooth mouth feel. It is 1 degree outside. I hate this weather.

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Will try to get this done before child number one takes my tea from me. She is excited to play with the marbles. This is an interesting blend. A tribute to a ta garden in India mixed with two flavors that generally go well together with sweets. I appreciate the usage of the garden name in which the tea was harvested. It’s an important aspect of sustainability that often gets overlooked in blended teas. Perhaps it’s because these are lower-grade leaves. This blend is very meh. Earthy in a bland way. With the chestnut only really tasteful in the aroma. The cranberry is almost nonexistent. It’s there, just not nearly as strongly as I wish it would be.

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drank Silencio by August Uncommon Tea
1112 tasting notes

Anyone else have ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’ stuck in their head? Ai, well, anyway this one sounds interesting so here we go. The dry aroma starts off chocolate-like chocolate milk and then switches to Irish Cream and then if you leave your wiffer in there too long you end up with a spicy nose. Also reminds me of chocolate rum balls that my mom makes. The flavor begins with chocolate, mainly. Not very spicy, a hint here and there but you could add some true Masala chai and that would spice it up nicely. To be honest I don’t taste the pineapple unless I really think about it. The Assam makes a nice base. Slightly woody and earthy. It was interesting to try but not one I would buy.


Well I didn’t, but I do now!

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Finally made an order to Rare Tea. After interviewing them (https://teatiff.com/2021/02/05/rare-tea-company/) and reading her book this was a purchase that not only one to help the company but also one from the heart. I heart you, Henrietta. Incredible woman, with an incredible story, and incredible tea. They included samples with my order. This was one. The aroma is wonderful somewhat buttery, earthy, and sweet butter cookies. The flavor is also very nice. Probably, no, definitely the best rooibos I’ve had. The butter cookies transfer into the background flavor but you may miss it if you aren’t thinking about it because the earthy tones of dry desert and desert wood are somewhat overshadowing. But in a nice way. Whether you’ve tasted good or bad or no rooibos at all you need to try this.


Just put Infused on my good reads list!


Your description definitely makes me want to order this one!

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The name is so repulsive and hilarious. Nothing like the tea tastes. It’s fantastic. I am giddy with excitement while it steeps. The aroma coming off the leaves in the water is strong in mineral and buttered popcorn notes. The flavor is packed with minerality. Wet rocks. Rocks wet with crushed summer flowers. If you steep it too long it becomes astringent. Not quite like an Assam but kind of puckering like an herbal steeped too long. The mouthfeel is soft. Mainly minerals but a bit of summer flower presence too.

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Side-by-side matcha tasting. I’m pitting this one against Cultivate. The tin is cute. The color of the matcha is not. It’s not terrible. The worst was still the olive green matcha from Sri Lanka. But that’s a different story. This is in between the olive and much-preferred emerald green. Not much in the way of aroma. The taste is bitter and bracing. I may not be able to get this crinkle out of my face. Permanent Grinch face. Sip number two. Nope. Still not good. Oh, that’s worse. A slight grassiness for a moment and pure Mt. Crumpet. And then the face made by Elf when he sprayed perfume in his mouth. I shall use the rest in muffins. By the way, if you’re wondering which one, it wasn’t this one. Also just to note I am drinking these plain. This probably would be fine in latte form.


Lol, green like the grinch.

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