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When lemonades and / or teas can get the lychee flavor right its like drinking a little bit of paradise. This company did a good job. I really wish I was sipping this on a beach right now. The dry smell is great; as is the wet smell. I love the fusion of the black tea flavors mixing in with the lychee. nom.

Flavors: Lychee

3 min, 15 sec

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This company always comes up with the most interesting sounding tea. Not quite sure of this one. The first flavor that hits you is definitely mate and it stays with you till the after taste but the pecan and the caramel come out in hints just enough to make its name. I’m not a huge fan of mate but this isn’t too bad.

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drank Sleeping Dragon by Adagio Teas
565 tasting notes

This reminds me of a dragonwell. Which is why perhaps they called it sleeping dragon? I thought at first that it was an oolong based on the look but it definitely has the flavor profile of a green/dragonwell. Grassy, somewhat bitter (maybe I over steeped it?), A bit of hay.

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drank Mojito Marmalade by Tea Forte
565 tasting notes

A weird name for this tea. Marmalade is not something you ever find in a mojito. Like usual the spearmint takes over all flavor. There are some citrus notes but not quite as many as expected.

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drank Genmaicha by Zen Tea
565 tasting notes

My coral colored teapot has become my genmaicha pot. I realized thay it’s pretty much the only thing I brew in it because I always want a nice big pot of genmaicha when I drink it. This one really does better with less steep times but it’s a very fine line between the creamy and the bitter. Maybe I should say grassy instead. Creamy just isn’t a descriptive word I think of when it comes to Genmaicha.

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drank Coconut Chai by Zen Tea
565 tasting notes

This is almost right on par with Zhenas Gypsy tea Coconut Chai. The steep time on this was surprisingly shorter then I thought. At least for the coconut flavor. It pairs well with my egg and toast. They could definitely up the amount of coconut they use in the tea. If you want a better coconut flavor it seems that the best steep time is around the 2 minute mark.

3 min, 30 sec

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A very delicate green. Spring snail is not really what I want to think about when I’m drinking tea as snail doesn’t sound too appealing. Mainly grassy with a bit of floral. However, the floral flavor seems to come out more in less steep time; same for the fruity flavor.

1 min, 45 sec 1 tsp
Gooseberry Spoon

But snails are delicious AND cute!

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Oolong tea is so unique. I’m on the second steep now but it can go for 3 or 4 more? Wow! Grassy beginning with a mineral finish. Somewhat creamy. Definitely a flowery aroma.

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How has this one not been reviewed yet?? I’m on my second steeping right now and that wonderful grassy, vegetal, flavor is still going strong. It’s slightly more bitter then the first steeping but still have that wonderful fresh taste.

2 min, 45 sec

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Where to being… well, I’ve been drinking jasmine tea for a long time. It still remains a favorite of mine but I’ve now added any more.

Green teas are my favorite. I like black tea but generally prefer it flavored. I’m finding a new love for oolong. Especially the type that leans more toward green. Whites are nice. Rooibos can be a hit or miss, but honeybush is better. (Golden Honeydew by Lupicia is the best). I don’t mind herbals but it really depends on the ingredients.





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