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drank Earl Grey by Farmer Brothers
591 tasting notes

Hotel tea. It’s too bad that hotel chains get such mediocre tea. And then they put out water that scalds your mouth. This turned dark very quickily. And bitter too.

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The only time I see this tea is when we layover in MOT. The water is too hot. Losing an hour of sleep sucks. So does this tea. It becomes bitter way too quickly and even before that there really isn’t much to it.

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Sounds good. Smells like a lite version of Marketspice. The taste, however, is not what it smells like. Slight orange and cinnamon flavors but overwhelmingly it’s mainly orange pekoe.

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drank Graveyard Mist by 52teas
591 tasting notes

I’m sorry but that’s a terrible name for a good tea. Mist, yes. Graveyard, no. Moroccan Mist might be better since mint tea is big over there. There is a bit of biter grass and a slight sweetness from the marshmallow root but other then that it’s completely spearmint.


I love the name, but that could be my semi-goth teen remnants speaking!

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A sweet smell, sweet flavor. Though somewhat familiar I can’t quite place where I remember this sweet smell. Oh wait. Jasmine! That’s what that is. Maybe it was tainted or is that how it’s supposed to be? Either way I like it. Slightly floral with a bit of grass and hay. Very slight earthy notes too.

1 min, 0 sec

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When things say island it elicits the thoughts of tropical fruits, beaches, the ocean etc. Nothing about this tea shouts island to me besides the fact that it was made on an island. I honestly find it a bit bland. Greenish should at least have some grassy flavors but this… maybe some hay?

4 min, 45 sec 1 tsp

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Cinnamon! I love this tea for all the random flavors I get from it. This time on the first sip and a few after I’ve been tasting cinnamon. Not incredibly strong flavor of it. But enough to make you go …yum

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The grassy floral notes in the scent of this tea were amazing in the store so I had to buy it. I’ll have to revisit this one again as I feel that the steep I did following the instructions wasn’t quite as good as I was hoping.

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I’m not really sure of whether this is a tea of the Perennial Tea room or one of their teas that they buy in bulk from other companies. Either way it’s an interesting tea. Might be good with some wine added. It says 3 minutes for steeping but I had forgotten I was steeping it (my daughter was not wanting to eat breakfast) so I ended up steeping it for about 10 minutes. Surprisingly, it has no bitterness. In fact I think it’s quite good. The spices definitely have a bit more kick then they probably would of at 3 minutes. Actually, the more I drink it the more it reminds me of a chai.

8 min or more

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Stay at home mom of two kids. I’ve been drinking tea for quite awhile but figured now that my studies don’t have to reside on my job I can study up on tea. There is so much to learn!

Lately my tastes have been leaning toward unflavored blacks like Big Red Robe and Amba Thieves. I have a special place in my heart for greens though; especially Genmaicha.

I am a tea consultant for Tea Queens and Steeped Tea but I’m not good at pushing sales or home parties… But I do love to talk tea so if you have questions I would love to talk tea!





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