drank Chocolate Orange by DAVIDsTEA
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This tea makes me angry. Tea shouldn’t make you angry, right? I’m not used to tea provoking in me a burning rage. The thing is, this tea is so much better than any other chocolate based tea that I can’t help but look at my tea stash in frustrated, barely hidden contempt when I realise just how many paychecks have been halved by my buying chocolate teas that can’t even begin to be half the tea that Oh Christmas Treat is. I love chocolate, and I always seek out chocolate teas thinking “yes, this is it, this is the one that will make me swoon and say ‘you, darling tea, are as good as hot chocolate!’” Only to take a sip and sadly shake my head in disappointment.

Well, Oh Christmas Treat is not your typical tea that boasts of chocolate and leaves you looking wistfully at the box of truffles that you promised yourself you wouldn’t open until you had company over. No, it’s chocolatey. Really, gloriously, no-lie chocolatey. Terry’s Chocolate Orange in a cup. Foam up the milk for a latte and you’re not going to be remotely tempted to visit your friendly local barista for something foamy and sweet.

What’s this, it’s a seasonal tea? Oh, right, it’s right there in the name. Oh dear, I have one tin to last me the year? Anger… rising… must… ration… sweet mana… nooooooo!

Just a quick edit to express my delight that this tea has been added to the permanent collection. It will be back in stores by the end of February and I won’t have to be angry every time I ration it anymore.

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