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Not sure about this one.
Got it in a swap, so I don’t know how fresh the bag is. But I second the dusty/musty smell to it. It wasn’t bad when drunk, it just was kind of lackluster. I did add milk/sugar in the hopes to give it a bit more body, but it was weak at best.

Hmm….warrents another sip but who knows?

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This was a chance meeting, tiger & I. This little tea bag was hiding in a swap package …and OMHG!
Delish. Strong passionate chai of amazingness. Defintely makes my Top 5 chai’s of all time. I so need some more!

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I have to try this one again.
Despite it being my choice for the tea party we had last week, I can’t say I really got much from this.

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Ugh. Strike 2 for Bigelow.
Another gone wrong perhaps? Or does roobis really hate me?

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I have to say I discovered this tea when I was in a bad place.
My first job was spiritually, emotionally, and physically draining me. I felt my soul lament that all the years of study, could not be for this. Lunch time would come and I would dash out the door, it didn’t matter where I went. I spent a lot of time in the library those days. And occasionally dared to dart into town (even tho it meant running to get back). That is where I found this tea.

It became my lifeblood. It sustained me with its happy scent and invigorating powers at 3pm when I had another 3hrs+ of consulting before the day would end, let me free only to start again the next day.

Good news – I left that job.
Better news- I found an amazing tea.

The cinnamon is powerful but softened by the apple. Almost flowery in taste, sunshine on the tongue. Hollands and Barrett’s is where I tend to find it wandering, should you have your eye out :)

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I moved abroad almost a decade ago, so when I am back in the US I have the guilty pleasure of wandering through any nearby grocery stores and stocking up on my favoite (usu. Celestial Seasonings) and any intriguing flavors. And as I have a thing for foodie chocolate/vanilla/etc. type teas, I thought this would be a winner (even despite the roobis that I ’ve yet to have a good experience with)

OMG this one was crap! I just can’t put into words what a let down this one is.
With milk, without. Tea bag in for a bit, the whole time. Nada. This is not one I want
to ever drink on purpose again. bleh

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I am a big fan of the cherry/cinnamon version of the moment of calm, so obviously this one was one not to be missed.

Sure its a grocery store appearing tea, but still I was pleased with its riverdance on my palate. The mango mellows and smooths the cinnamon’s tap dance aross my taste buds. The orange is subtle but its citrus flick is notable.

I love this one at work between lashings of ‘normal tea’ and it has that soothing ‘anti-brain popping feature’. Tis a keeper, well until work stops being stressful. ;)


mango and cinnamon, interesting!

.snowglobe angel.

Its novel but works as if by magic :)

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I will admit that I cannot help but raise a skeptical eyebrow at anything from adagio after someone bought me the strawberry black + blueberry black loose leaf tea. Doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out I didn’t like them. I gave it all away, and the only perk of the tea was I liked the tins.

Imagine my mixed feelings when a sample came to me for their spiced apple chai.
I love chai. I love apples. I love tea.
Would I love this?

The answer is, yup.
I mean I wasn’t sure ‘does one add milk (as I do in all my chai) to a fruit chai.
I think the answer was safely ’no’ when I made the brew it wasn’t in need.
Rather it was fresh, fruity and dare I say almost like having exotic amazing apple cider (I can’t think of a better analogy because I don’t think this one paintsthe enticing picture this one deserves, but alas….)

Know adagio hasn’t won me over utterly with this, no matter how fab.
Tea scars don’t heal completely…but perhaps I will give them another sip. ;)

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I apologize for the sheer cheek, but as my veins are likely at least 50% full of cherry coke…I am wondering if there is any way to procure this long extinct tea. I could swap/purchase/loan a kidney if that would tantilize anyone.

Thank you fo consideration of the matter,

Southern Boy Teas

We do have a cherry cola honeybush now via our My Sweet Honeybush project: http://www.mysweethoneybush.com

.snowglobe angel.

Oh my gosh! You are fabulous.
(and I see root beer float as well!!)
Quick query tho, can we order from 52teas and combo it with things from MSH?
(and is international shipping still okie dokey?) :D

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This is one of my special friends.
Sure, I admit she does live in the shadow of Raspberry chocolate bliss, but if you look past that this is one of my happy teas. Fab with a bit of sugar and milk its like a gentle vanilla nutty tea-sperience. Not super strong, more subtle….but then in 1997 they were marketed as after dinner teas, so its kinda fitting. :)

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Teatastic little me,
Lives by the sea
Cannot help but sip a cuppa or three.
Suppose its not so bad since at the end of the day
I’ll have a happy kidney.



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