Oooh! Yum.

Probably the best way to describe my reaction to this tea. I love (LOVE) desserty teas but I like them much better with a black base than rooibos, or anything else really. Black tea is my go-to.

I love all of the ingredients in this tea, so I was pretty sure it would be fantastic. Especially coconut..I’m not usually a coconut person but it is always so beautiful in tea. I even like the little oil slick it leaves on the top, it makes for creamy deliciousness in the cup. Throw in some caramel and toffee bits and I am swooning.

It smells absolutely divine both dry and steeped, it reminds me a little of honeybee. I loved that it steeped up to be a nice dark cup; it definitely stands up to the milk and brown sugar that I added.

I really like the deep, rich caramel flavour that I’m getting from this. I am so glad it’s a dark caramel flavour rather than the light, sticky, sickly sweet ice cream topping variety, if that makes sense. It’s not overly sweet and it has a toasty quality that I love.

Sigh, looks like I’m going to have to stock up! Does anyone know if this is permanent?

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Queer femme looking for love in the form of tea. Currently on a (seemingly never-ending) quest to convince my girlfriend of the magic of loose leaf.

Let’s see..I’m a 23 year old seemingly perma-student, having finished at university and moved on to college. I love reading. I love tea. I love reading while drinking tea. It really doesn’t take much to keep me happy.

Black tea is my all time favourite, preferably hot with milk and sugar. I like flavoured blacks the best, and my taste is embarrassingly unrefined. If it has some outlandish candy or dessert or fruity sounding name, I’m all over it. Especially things like coconut, caramel, chocolate (the usual suspects), bubblegum, cotton candy, and the list goes on. If it’s supposed to taste like something it’s not, odds are I’m going to love it. I also love a good earl grey, floral teas, and anything with currants. Love me some currants!

When it comes to iced teas I love fruity herbal blends and matés, for the most part. They are my hydration option of choice in the summer and I always have at least a glass ready for me in the fridge, if not a pitcher.

I am a self-proclaimed David’sTea fangirl, so please excuse the fact that most of my logs tend to be a little biased in their favour. I just can’t help myself, I must try all-the-tea from David’s!

I’m starting to get interested in matcha, and though I’ve loved the cups I’ve had prepared for me by others, I’ve never tried making it myself. I’m going to have to break down and order some soon, if only just to try.

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