137 Tasting Notes

drank Mango Diablo by DAVIDsTEA
137 tasting notes

Finally got around to trying this one and..hmm..I’m not sure about it!

The heat is wonderful. Wonderful! This is what I always hope for when I see that there is chili in a tea. It actually gives me that oh-my-god-it’s-burning-my-mouth feeling that I crave from spicy food. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t out of this world spicy, but it has a really nice kick for a tea, especially considering that I’m usually disappointed by teas with chilis or peppercorns because they never quite have the bite that I’m expecting.

My only real gripe with this tea is that I’m not really smitten with the mango flavouring they’ve used. Mango is kind of a hit or miss flavour with me, and in this case I found it a little cloying and artificial tasting. Not enough that I didnt want to finish my cup, but I don’t think I’ll be stocking up. The spice is soo good though!! It’s the kind of heat I wish was in blazing strawberries, or as DaisyChubb said, in chocolate chili chai. Why can’t more spicy teas pack this much of a punch?

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I don’t like it!

Too much butteriness, too much like a cup of watery milk, and too vegetal for me. It all combined to taste kind of like spinach with butter, as others have mentioned. I just really found it to be..too much. I’m glad I just got a cup of this to go, rather than buying some to brew myself, because I couldn’t even finish it. I started to get a headache and feel nauseous about half way through.

I can understand why people would love this, but it’s definitely not for me. I’d still like to try other milk oolongs eventually, but this particular one was not for me.

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I have mixed feelings about this one. When it’s prepared right, it’s delicious! Like a mixture of creamsicle and bubblegum. But I made it iced with too much leaf once, and it was really, reeaally bad. Really strong rooibos, chemical fakeyness, too much sweet orange flavour to the point that it was all really cloying all together. If you get the ratios right though, it’s pretty magical!

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I never would have chosen this one on my own, but my girlfriend smelled the tin in store on a whim and we picked up 25g to try it. I am so surprised that I love it! I am a huge earl grey fan but I didn’t think I’d like it as a fruity tea. It is less overwhelmingly strawberry flavoured than I was expecting..I get a deeper, richer fruit flavour..black currant maybe? I’m not certain but it sure is darn tasty.

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drank Chai Guarana by DAVIDsTEA
137 tasting notes

So disappointed in this one. Ho hum. I’d been wanting to try it for quite a while and finally got around to picking up a 25g bag last time I was at davids. I was surprised at how heavy it is, the 25g really doesn’t go a long way. But on to the tea itself.

Like a bunch of others, I was surprised at how…powdery..this tea is. Looks almost like the contents of a traditional tea bag. I’m also wondering if mine is from the bottom of the wall tin since it looks like mostly pieces of cinnamon. I was skeptical but I gave it a good long steep and hoped for the best. After a 5-6 min steep it was still looking pretty weak and watery. It smelled delicious, but when I added my usual chai fixings (milk & sugar) it was clear that there was very little actual tea in my cup. With even just a splash of milk, the brew looked like, well, water and milk. Hoping to save my cup, I desperately threw a bag of cheap orange pekoe into the mix. This made it drinkable, but still disappointing. The chai spice blend was really nice and I know I would have enjoyed this a lot if it hadnt been lacking the actual tea element (which is, unsurprisingly, pretty important in a tea :P)

I think I’ll wait a while and try a cup of this in store, hopefully from a different batch. I’m not willing to give up on this just yet, and considering all of the glowing reviews, I’m thinking my experience may have been a fluke.

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drank Jungle Ju Ju by DAVIDsTEA
137 tasting notes

I love teas that promise an energy boost, so of course I had to try this one. Papaya and peaches didn’t sound too bad either. I picked up a 25g bag a couple of weeks ago and just got around to trying it a few days ago.

I had no prior experience with guayusa so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. In the bag I could smell the fruitiness, but also an herbal, earthy, almost pungent aroma. This made me a little wary, but I shouldn’t have been. I had it iced and it was perfectly fruity and refreshing. Very light and slightly sweet, it was delicious. It does have a somewhat herbal flavour in the background, but I actually enjoyed that and found that it only added to the overall flavour of the tea. I can see myself drinking this quite often this summer.

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Words cannot describe how happy I am that this one is back! I tried it in store near the very end of last summer and fell in love. It is so juicy and fruity and refreshing and lovely without being overly sweet at all. I bought up the last of what they had on the wall (about 30-35g) and squirreled it away. I only have about a cups-worth left at this point but now I can officially enjoy it with true fervor because I know I can finally restock.

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So I managed to go into davids the other day without buying the entire summer collection. Huzzah! This is definitely an accomplishment for me. Usually I get so excited about the seasonal collections that I go ahead and just buy the sampler and then I only end up truly loving about 2 out of the 5. Then I have three 25g baggies of tea that I’m not likely to ever finish that get added to my (ever-overflowing) tea cabinet to collect dust and make me feel guilty about how much tea I have.

So I resisted, even though the summer collection looks wonderful. I grabbed a cup of this to go with milk and agave and it was perfect. I wasn’t really expecting to love this one, as I was unsure of how the brittle would come across and whether the strawberry flavour would be overwhelmingly artificial. But it is so very good. Sweet and toasty with fresh strawberry goodness. It’s not sickeningly sweet by any means, and tastes surprisingly true to its name. Looks like I’m going to have to grab a bag of this.


haha I hear ya! That was definitely an accomplishment for me too x_x


So hard..they smell so good!

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I was SO excited about this one before it came out. Whenever I see ginger or chili or peppercorn in a tea I jump at it – I definitely crave some heat (or at least a bite) in my teas. This was tasty, but overall disappointing. There was a tiny hint of heat from the ginger, but the most predominant taste was hibiscus. Sigh. I like hibiscus just fine, but it’s not what I was expecting from this tea. Iced with some agave it is nice and refreshing, but it’s not the favourite I expected it to be.


If you like a nice bite to your tea, try Mango Diablo. It’s full of sweet mango goodness with a touch of heat. I love it iced, but it’s tasty hot as well.


Good to know! I’ve been curious about that one since it came out, and I’ve heard lots of good things. Glad to hear the heat comes through once it’s brewed.


Oh it does, it’s quite spicy. I bought 100g yesterday based on the smell alone. At first I thought it tasted like spicy hot water with a hint of mango but I tried it again using more of the dry tea and it was tasty, sweet with the perfect amount of heat. I’ve yet to try it iced!

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drank Jessie's Tea by DAVIDsTEA
137 tasting notes

Sipping this on a lazy Sunday evening. I usually drink this straight, but tonight I felt like something creamy and comforting so I added a little milk and sugar. It is beyond delicious this way! Brings out the sweetness of the coconut and makes the lavender pop. This is one of my favourites from davids.

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Queer femme looking for love in the form of tea. Currently on a (seemingly never-ending) quest to convince my girlfriend of the magic of loose leaf.

Let’s see..I’m a 23 year old seemingly perma-student, having finished at university and moved on to college. I love reading. I love tea. I love reading while drinking tea. It really doesn’t take much to keep me happy.

Black tea is my all time favourite, preferably hot with milk and sugar. I like flavoured blacks the best, and my taste is embarrassingly unrefined. If it has some outlandish candy or dessert or fruity sounding name, I’m all over it. Especially things like coconut, caramel, chocolate (the usual suspects), bubblegum, cotton candy, and the list goes on. If it’s supposed to taste like something it’s not, odds are I’m going to love it. I also love a good earl grey, floral teas, and anything with currants. Love me some currants!

When it comes to iced teas I love fruity herbal blends and matés, for the most part. They are my hydration option of choice in the summer and I always have at least a glass ready for me in the fridge, if not a pitcher.

I am a self-proclaimed David’sTea fangirl, so please excuse the fact that most of my logs tend to be a little biased in their favour. I just can’t help myself, I must try all-the-tea from David’s!

I’m starting to get interested in matcha, and though I’ve loved the cups I’ve had prepared for me by others, I’ve never tried making it myself. I’m going to have to break down and order some soon, if only just to try.

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