5 Tasting Notes

drank earl grey tea by Trader Joe's
5 tasting notes

Not a bad interpretation of Earl Grey. Definitely has more of a sharp citrus flavor than a floral flavor. It’s about what I would expect for the price.

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drank Earl Grey by Bird Pick Tea & Herb
5 tasting notes

My favorite Earl Grey. Light and floral with just the right amount of bergamot. For some reason, the bagged tea tastes better than the loose leaf. I know that they all came from the same place (or so I was told) but they do taste different. The loose leaf tea is much stronger and lacks the more floral quality of the bagged tea.

Dru Bramlett

I’ve noticed that as well, but I think the loose is less tannic.

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Not quite as heavy on the bergmot as I’d expect but a solid morning blend. I usually can get two big cups out of one tea bag without losing much of the flavor.

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drank Earl Grey by Tazo
5 tasting notes

I’ve only ever had this blend at a coffeehouse (Starbucks or Borders) and it almost always ends up tasting way too bitter for my liking. It’s a little too heavy on the bergamot and it seems like the average tea bag contains more tea than you would typically use for an average cup of tea; it’s probably the right amount of tea for an entire pot. A very strong, strong blend.

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drank Earl Grey by Bigelow
5 tasting notes

It’s not the most flavorful or complex Earl Grey out there but in a pinch, it will do. More of a citrusy Earl Grey with very little of the flowerly undertones you find in some blends.

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