I think I gravitate more to the smell of this. Warm, woodsy, sweet, like molasses. Used 2.5g in a 50ml gaiwan.

The first few steeps changed the most, but I find it hard to describe. I did two rinses before I started brewing, ten second steeps. It was mostly tobacco, woody peat, and not sweet. Later steeps, around the third one onward, at 15 seconds are sweet on the tip of the tongue with something harsher at the back; not bitter, I’ve been thinking ‘camphor’ only because I don’t have a reference for what ‘camphor’ is supposed to be, but I’m told something closer to mint. This is more resinous, pine. I thought maybe bitter chocolate.

Up’d to thirty seconds around steep ssss…ix? When I visited Silver Crescent, they were steeping shous starting at a minute, I noticed. I figured it was likely so that they could use a bit less leaf and save money. The result was still a really nice, well-rounded brew, so it’s something I’ve considered doing myself. Next time maybe.

I ended up immediately upping it to a minute, which brought back the peat. The sweetness sort of retreated to the back of the throat.

The tea overall didn’t last super long, but I think I’d be more generous with it if I had more than a sample; I do definitely like it of the samples I got, it’s gentle and pleasant compared to the small sampling of other shous I’ve tried. I wouldn’t mind getting a full brick of this. I should have checked steepster on Canada Day to see if they had any deals; or at least free shipping.

As a Canadian, shipping prices are what hold me back on MOST purchases.

Flavors: Camphor, Molasses, Peat, Wood

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 2 g 2 OZ / 50 ML

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