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this is so good, and whenever someone has a stomachache or sore throat, I break this out. drizzle the pot with honey, pour the water, steep, and pour. good for what ails ya.

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So, I am coming down with a nasty cold, and I wanted something yummy with ginger in it, and I picked this. It’s a nice, mellow chai, not super-sweet but not pungent (really pungent chais make me sad).
Anyway, I was drinking a mug of this, and I was talking to my little brother about our impending family trip to Montreal, and my plans to take advantage of the presence of david’s tea to buy lots of tea. So he asked me what I was drinking, and I told him, and since he likes convenience store chai lattes he tried it. He thought it smelled and tasted like gingerbread men, which is pretty accurate (I prepped with milk and sugar). Anyway, he really liked it and kept talking about how clear it made his sinuses feel. He’s weird, but I do love him, and now I’ve made it my mission to find tea he will like, so we can be tea buddies (his words, not mine).

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!!! an unflavored pu’erh that I like?

I find that overpowering earthiness of shu pu’erh so…creepy. Not to mention it upsets my stomach (which is true of just about everything in this world, sigh). So I thought I’d try sheng pu’erh, but then I was worried since the general consensus seems to be that sheng is even weirder and less palatable than shu, which would be saying something.
and the dry smell was kind of off-putting. but I DID request this as a sample, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.
the smell while I was rinsing it frightened me. I was all ready to hate it. And then something strange happened. I took a sip. And it’s good! It’s not a tea I would glug (mugs of black tea tend to disappear alarmingly fast around me), definitely a sipper. But it’s got a rich, green earthiness. Maybe like a cedar or something? It makes me think of a forest in the rain. I like it. This is an issue – now that I like sheng pu’erh I’m going to end up with even more teas on my covet list.

More to follow as I resteep this.

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perfect cuppa to curl up with. milk, brown sugar, heavenliness

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First off, do you know what’s awesome about david’s tea? I ordered this friday night (along with some of the new tea filters), it shipped monday, and it arrived today. I live in the USA. That’s good stuff, is all I’m saying. Also, they answer all my annoying emails.

On to the tea! Smells delicious. Reminds me a tad bit of buttered rum. There’s no one assertive flavor. It’s silky smooth…definitely a good afternoon tea.

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Drinking this makes me feel all happy and warm inside. The first oolong I ever had was a dark roast one and green oolongs have never been able to measure up for me. Something about the rich warming effect of the roasted ones just clicks with me and my perpetually-cold self.

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Sooooo goooooood. Chocolately and malty and mmmm. I love black tea with malty notes to it and this is perfect.

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15 year old girl from the northeastern united states. dyed redhead & faux-philosopher.

i like pretty things and good tea.

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