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I was unsure whether I would like this tea as I’d never had any honeybush teas and I’m not overly fond of chocolate teas, but I was pleasantly surprised with this. It’s naturally sweet, smooth with a slightly dry woody finish. I’m detecting some honey notes as well (I’d hope so with the name HONEYbush haha) and the chocolate flavor was perfectly balanced. Even my husband who has just recently opened himself up to trying hot tea loved this and said he’d drink a cup any time I make this :)

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My sister-in-law gave me a box of this tea today while I was at her house. She warned me that it is kind of weak, so I brewed it with a little less water in an attempt to make it a little stronger. It still came out kind of weak & there was a bitterness to it as well. I ended up sweetening it quite a bit. It wasn’t BAD and I will keep it as a back up for if I ever find myself out of my other teas.

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drank Exotic Pear by Butiki Teas
60 tasting notes

First off, I’d like to thank Stacy for sending me this sample :) I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to try it!

This tea is visually very beautiful & the dry leaves fragrant and enticing. As it steeped the aroma was very juicy and sweet. I couldn’t wait to try it! I have had pear teas before that I wasn’t too fond of & I had a good feeling about this one :)

Upon tasting it, the juicy quality of the aroma was translated into the flavor. It was sweet, delicate, and juicy. It wasn’t my favorite cup of tea, but I think it might just be that I am not partial to pear teas because this tea was not bad by any means! The flavors were lovely and my husband actually thought it was very tasty. It may not be MY favorite, but it’s definitely a great tea for someone who is more fond of pear teas :)

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My first foray into darjeeling tea, I was quite pleased with this. I’ve read that Darjeelings can be a little confusing with first flush, etc etc. and I’ll admit that that’s part of what has kept me from trying them myself. This has been noted as a good beginner’s darjeeling and I think I quite agree!

The aroma that greeted me as this tea steeped was woodsy, slightly roasted and made me think of warm grains. The flavor was astringent but not overpoweringly so, with notes of spinach and light grains. It was crisp and made me think of walking through the woods in autumn and feeling the leaves crunch beneath your feet. At the end I get gentle notes of wine like flavor (unsure of an adjective to describe it other than that as I am not all that knowledgeable in wines).

Over all a very enjoyable tea that makes me want venture out to try more Darjeeling varieties!

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This is probably a blend of FF, SF, & maybe Autumnal Darjeeling crops. Darjeeling teas are some of my Favorite teas-especially First Flush. :))

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Not so much a tasting note, but this is the tea in my cup at the moment.

Should have seen it coming- one child gets a stomach bug & the other is bound to get it as well. Especially when they’re attached at the hip. Our 3yr old spent all yesterday throwing up, so it looks like I’ll be putting off trying the rest of my tea samples for at least a couple more days. At least until I can get the carpets thoroughly scrubbed and the apartment back to smelling clean and fresh >.< Can’t properly sample tea if you can’t smell it!

Hesper June

Wishing things will be puke-free for you very soon!


eeeuuu the beauty of being grandma is that I’ve been there and now can walk away! Sorry! Not fun!


Oh no! My dog has been sick lately too – I’ve been coming home to find messes on the floor. I hope everyone in your family gets well soon <3

Tawny Kira

Thanks you guys :) Danny seems to be feeling much better (I guess it was just a one time thing… I hope?) If all goes well tonight I think that we might just be out of the woods with this stomach bug!


Yay! Hope the worst part of the storm of tummy flu has passed!

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I haven’t been on steepster in a while, I apologize for that. It’s been hectic. Our littlest came down with a stomach bug & during that time I wanted to stick to the teas I know well rather than try anything new. I wasn’t in the mind frame, nor did I know if I would have time to sit and thoroughly explore something unfamiliar!

I have tasted this tea before, but one of the kids ran off with my tasting notes which had been scrawled on a scrap of paper that was apparently very interesting. So here I am now, tasting it for a second time & pretending it’s the first haha.

I’d like to thank Bonnie again for the lovely samples she sent me! (and Stacy too- I will be pulling those out of the cupboard this afternoon!)

I have found in my recent exploration of teas that I am quite fond of pu erh and this is no exception! Rich, earthy and silky it is so far the best pu erh I’ve tasted. Granted, I haven’t had a LOT of experience with pu erh but nonetheless this is definitely delicious. I even had my husband try a sip (telling him first not to sniff it because I knew the barn-y aroma would deter him!) and he thought it was quite good! That’s a big compliment coming from someone who hasn’t really had hot tea outside of the couple times I’ve had him try it (and isn’t sure if he likes it yet) :)

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Very glad you liked this puerh too.

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drank Chamomile by Adagio Teas
60 tasting notes

When I opened the bag, it smelled of honey and flowers. As it steeped I detected a delicate spicy note beneath the honey scent.

This is my first time having chamomile tea, and I can tell that it is a tea that might take some getting used to. The flavor is that of honey with a hint of herb like spice that lingers on the tongue. It’s a very soft tea however and with each sip I found myself growing quite fond of it.

Add to that the seemingly amazing calming quality of this tea and it’s pretty good (upped the rating just because of that, I’m not going to lie haha)

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I got this sample free with my ‘order’ from Adagio (I had a $10 gift certificate, so technically the whole order was free). I had some tasting notes written down for a puerh that Bonnie sent me to try, but it’s been a rough day & I seem to have misplaced them. We found out that someone my husband and I used to be close friends with was brutally murdered last night in our hometown.

That’s why I chose this tea- it smelled of fresh jasmine blooms & the smell alone proved to be calming.

The jasmine aroma is strong in this tea, as is the flavor of jasmine. I’ve read reviews on Adagio that said the jasmine was too strong, but I find I can still taste the green base & don’t find the floral quality of this tea to be overwhelming at all. I detect a honeysuckle like note to the aroma & flavor as well.

With a little simple syrup to sweeten it the flavors become softer and I find myself sinking into the couch and relaxing. Just what I needed.

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So sorry to hear of this news. :(


That’s so awful, and somewhat terrifying. I’m so sorry. :(

Tawny Kira

Thank you- hopefully they will find out who did it :(

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Another sample from Stacy (thank you!)

I loved how large the leaves were for this tea- I felt like I was steeping something wild and exotic as I poured the water into my teapot.

Once the tea was finished steeping, I poured it into my cup & was greeted by a delicate floral scent with what seemed like hints of hay as well? Very light and inviting.

The flavor of this tea was very smooth, floral (kind of rosy, maybe? I’ve never had any rose teas so I’m just guessing here) with slight hints of what I’d describe as lime zest. Absolutely lovely.

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First off I’d like to thank Stacy for sending me this sample!

The first thing I noticed about this tea was how beautiful the leaves/blossoms are, followed by a floral sweetness in the aroma. After steeping, the aroma was green with a lingering creamy sweetness to it.

Tasting this tea, it was so light and delicate. Floral and juicy. Perfect for a hot summer’s afternoon. I added just the tiniest touch of sweetener to my cup and the flavors danced in my mouth. I can definitely see why this tea is a popular one at Butiki!

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This one re-steeps very well too! I got 4 or 5 infusions from it, all delicious :D

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