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drank Decaf Apricot by Adagio Teas
576 tasting notes

This is a decent example of green tea lightly flavored with apricot. This smells as good as it tastes, which is pretty darn close. It’s not one of my favorites, but I do enjoy the pleasant taste of juicy apricots mixed with quality green tea (which tastes just slightly grassy). I always recommend to brew green tea less than other teas, so I never brew this longer than 2 1/2-3 mins. I do like the decaf factor, especially in the afternoons.

2 min, 45 sec

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I enjoy drinking tea at the end of the day, so I aim for caffeine-free teas or herbal tisanes. This and the Sleepytime Extra are my favorite selections, especially if I’m not sure what tea mood I’m in. I love the light, comforting flavors and it truly does help me wind down.

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I love this tea year round – it’s spicy and minty, aromatic and flavorful. I tend to stock up around the holidays so I can enjoy the tea throughout the year. These make great gift ideas too; I got my mom hooked last year.

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I love the Constant Comment flavor – it’s my go-to bagged tea. I love the medley of spices and orange-y citrus. The aroma is so soothing and reminds me of spending time with my Oma and mom. I do tend to enjoy the black tea version better as it offers up a more robust flavor profile, but I’m trying to drink more (healthy) green tea so this satisfies too.

Bigelow Tea

So glad to hear you are enjoying your Constant Comment tea! Thanks for the review.

Valorie for Bigelow Tea

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I truly wanted to like this tea – after all I love cocoa and spice.

BUT – and this is a WARNING for fellow migraine sufferers – this blend gave me a headache within a few minutes of the first sip! And it didn’t even taste that great, so it wasn’t worth the pain.

The cocoa flavor was far too weak for me, and the spices seemed…off. Not as fragrant and not the spices I would have blended with cocoa (like perhaps more cinnamon instead). Overall, I’m not happy about this purchase. I donated the bags to my office.

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This is a wonderful marriage of spicy licorice and soothing mint – I love it! I stumbled across this one by accident. I bought it my mistake at the organic food market thinking it was another one I really liked. Sure, I could have returned it – but I’m adventurous. I’m glad I took the risk, this is one tea I hate being without!

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Sweet strawberry bursts with tart but tender lemon for a welcoming tribute to a summertime classic. I enjoy this iced most of all but is decent hot as well. However, please note: you must be very very very careful about how long you blend this! Too much, even slightly over the recommended amount and your cup will be bitter and sad. But if you can brew in the sweet spot you’ll be treated to a satisfying cup. YUMMY!

165 °F / 73 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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I love a great jasmine tea and this one delivers! Teavana blends these pearls with rooibos tropica for one of their most popular blends, but I enjoy brewing these little gems alone. In fact, these pearls work well with other teas if you want to custom blend your own selections. I’ve paired with peach, mango and strawberry teas (both black and green) and loved each creation.

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drank Plum Harvest by Teavana
576 tasting notes

Plum Harvest is a fruity tea – which isn’t usually my cup of tea (lol, sorry). It packs a powerful punch in the cup and is pretty sweet alone.

I highly recommend blending with cinnamon black tea – or stir with a cinnamon stick. The blend of juicy, fruity plum and spicy cinnamon is a real treat!


This one is really good – one of the few teas that my husband actually liked. Too bad it is discontinued…


I know, it’s sad… I’m trying to find something comparable but so far nothing.

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I enjoy sipping Cinnamon Plum because it features right blend of cinnamon spice and hearty plum. It’s a bit too much in the summertime, though. And I don’t enjoy iced. This is a nice variety during the holiday season/winter months, because it packs a lot of flavor in a rich base.

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Hello fellow tea fans!
I’ve been a tea enthusiast for years but just recently started brewing my own. I’ve created some blends, and enjoy researching about new teas. I combined my love of tea and writing to create a tea-devoted blog, Keen Tea Thyme. I have been writing for most of my life and am a former journalist with a degree in Communications and Social Psychology, and a minor in Writing. Journalism is in my blood, so that means I’m inquisitive by nature, will double-check sources and/or get a second opinion as needed, but also fair and balanced in my reviews. If my reviews seem more positive, energetic and have high ratings, it’s because I love tea. :)

If you are a tea company, I’d love to review some your tea! Free samples are always welcome so I can fully enjoy the freshest selections. I’m also open to tea swaps as I always have too many teas on hand to drink & would love to share with other tea enthusiasts! :)

My Simple Rating Scale (as of Feb. 2011)
>50: I’m NOT a fan. I could barely finish the cup, if I even did. I wouldn’t even recommend this to my worst enemy. Not worth my time nor yours.

51-65: Good aroma, good flavor. Just nothing pops to give the tea that special kick. Recommended to try; our tasting palates differ.

66-79: Yes, finally, tea – unique flavor profiles, great aroma & flavor. Recommended to try; our tasting palates differ.

80-99: These are cupboard essentials – delicious, aromatic and perfect everyday teas. Re-steepable (beyond at least one steeping). Highly recommended, fun for all ages.

100: These are my favorites, the ones I would take with me if stranded on a desert island. Beyond Highly Recommended.

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