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No rating as this is my own. I think I’ll create this one for my shop as well, because that Adagio black tea flavor is so annoying. I love the medley of cream, chocolate and cherry – although now I crave black forest cake! Or any cake! Diets suck.


I agree. Diets really suck. The only thing that gets me through a diet is that I can drink as much tea as I want!

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drank Movie Night by DAVIDsTEA
576 tasting notes

I had really hoped to like this tea but there is something off about it. I normally love popcorn, and maple, plus apples…just maybe not all at once. There were too many competing flavors for this to be enjoyable. I tried a sample from a previous order, but did so AFTER I purchased two bags. As a result, I have one unopened bag for sale:

And the rest of the other bag is off to my tea sister Sare – if she wants it. :)


I liked this one the first time I tried it, but the second time, something seemed off. Oh well!


Still have a sample of this I need to try. Bummer you didn’t like it. It sounds so unique!

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This is a delicate tea, but still potent. I definitely recommend HOT (iced was quite nasty), and when you need a lift. I’m still battling a cold and this helps, as well as eased some of my migraine last night.

It’s good when you can barely taste anything…but is that really a good thing? IDK – and I don’t know about this one. It’s decent, but I’m not sure if I would buy it again. I definitely prefer Above the Weather.


Hope your weather improves soon!

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I got this as a free sample when my replacement order arrived yesterday. (I had several items missing from a previous order, but DT sent the missing items and I scored three more samples.) I’m not normally one to enjoy super chocolate-y teas nor mate, but this blend has changed my mind. The flavor is bold, but not artificial, and yet not overpowering either. I taste a subtle cinnamon flavor too – maybe that helps balance the chocolate flavor. This is delightful and fun, although dusty. I had to wipe the teaspoon free of the tea dust, but that’s a small inconvenience for bliss! :)

190 °F / 87 °C 5 min, 0 sec

This one sounds good and exactly like what Ive been looking for lately.


I highly recommend. If I had more I would send you some to sample, but I’m all out!

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Holy crap, Teavana is discontinuing this blend! I ordered one last mix for my stock pile, and I guess I’ll have to explore making chai blends again. This was my favorite for so long…

“I’m offended on so many different levels.” To quote the hilarious Jim Gaffigan

Seriously, though, I drink this the most. WTF Teavana!? You are losing a customer. Oh, they don’t really care.

Please see previous notes as this is a FAVE!


This was one of their better combinations, the few times that I’ve visited their shop this is the sample that I’d want to try. I was really frustrated with them though, that they wouldn’t sell it to me in a 2 ounce increment. So I never bought it, only sampled the overly sugared batch that they offered to walk-in customers.


Seriously? This was one of the very few blends I liked at teavana. Thats just retarded.


ahah, I love Jim Gaggigan. “Hoooot Pooooocket”


@Ze_Teamaker: Jim Gaffigan’s Hot Pocket sketch kills me every time I hear it. “Hey I got an idea! How ’bout we take some nasty meat, shove it into a Poptart…you could cook it in a sleeve thing.” Have you seen him live? Worth every penny.


@LiberTEAS and Cup of Tree – totally and completely agree! And yes not getting it in a smaller size was annoying…


No sadly. I think he is either going to be near me soon or it already happened. I have had the privileged of seeing Lewis Black live though. He even got to met him after the show!


Jim Gaffigan! He’s my pale hero :D


Both teas are still available! The sample has just changed to Maharaja Chai Oolong and Samurai Chai Mate. But you can still get the White Ayurvedic Chai!

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This is a weird one. Good, but weird. I wouldn’t think kiwi would be a bold flavor, but it kind of is in this cuppa. I made this hot, but I think it would be better iced. I taste a tropical adventure, and it’s fun and perky, but it’s missing something… did I expect too much from a kiwi tea? Perhaps.

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No rating as this is one of my own custom blends at Adagio. By next year it will be a Keen Tea Thyme blend, completely of my own creation. But until then, you gotta get it through Adagio or in one of my custom sampler packs:

But as for the review – I love the combo of vanilla, caramel and almond and other than that annoying Adagio black tea taste, I think this is decent (entirely self-serving, apologies).

I usually drink my tea plain – no sweetener – but I like adding honey to this to enhance the flavor. Works well; reminds me of the “good” candy corn – Brach’s, made with honey.

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get rid of adagios black base and i might think about this one, as such i’ll never order from them until it changes heh too many blah samples that i’ve tried . sounds really good though


Noted! Thanks! :)

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I’m surprised I’m the first to log this, but it’s possible it’s in here under another name. I don’t think this is exclusive to Voila! and I get the impression that they don’t craft their own teas…maybe they do! I can’t get a response from them no matter what I do…

Anyway, this is a great harmony of gunpowder green (a favorite of mine) and crisp peppermint. It truly is a refreshing treat!

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 30 sec

Yum I love that combo!


It’s good stuff! :)


Sounds awesome!

Terri HarpLady

I used to love gunpower green & peppermint over ice. Currently I’m not into mint that much, & I have to admit, the name of a tea must hold some influence for me. Menthos? : )

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I don’t ever want to run out of this tea. I love how flavorful but light it is. Bliss. See other notes, this is a cupboard staple.


wow, I can’t think of a higher compliment !

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No rating as this is my own. It’s been a DAY – glad to have a tea moment to escape. This hits the spot without making me too shaky (as in too much caffeine, I’m drinking a Diet Cherry Dr Pepper too) and too tired.

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Hello fellow tea fans!
I’ve been a tea enthusiast for years but just recently started brewing my own. I’ve created some blends, and enjoy researching about new teas. I combined my love of tea and writing to create a tea-devoted blog, Keen Tea Thyme. I have been writing for most of my life and am a former journalist with a degree in Communications and Social Psychology, and a minor in Writing. Journalism is in my blood, so that means I’m inquisitive by nature, will double-check sources and/or get a second opinion as needed, but also fair and balanced in my reviews. If my reviews seem more positive, energetic and have high ratings, it’s because I love tea. :)

If you are a tea company, I’d love to review some your tea! Free samples are always welcome so I can fully enjoy the freshest selections. I’m also open to tea swaps as I always have too many teas on hand to drink & would love to share with other tea enthusiasts! :)

My Simple Rating Scale (as of Feb. 2011)
>50: I’m NOT a fan. I could barely finish the cup, if I even did. I wouldn’t even recommend this to my worst enemy. Not worth my time nor yours.

51-65: Good aroma, good flavor. Just nothing pops to give the tea that special kick. Recommended to try; our tasting palates differ.

66-79: Yes, finally, tea – unique flavor profiles, great aroma & flavor. Recommended to try; our tasting palates differ.

80-99: These are cupboard essentials – delicious, aromatic and perfect everyday teas. Re-steepable (beyond at least one steeping). Highly recommended, fun for all ages.

100: These are my favorites, the ones I would take with me if stranded on a desert island. Beyond Highly Recommended.

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Happy Brewing! :)


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