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As today is my 6-year wedding anniversary, I decided to start the day with cake – liquidified, calorie-free cake, that is.

No rating as this is one of my own blends from Adagio.

I love how you can taste the chocolate, the cherry and the cream all at once, and yet individually in each sip (or gulp, in my case). The folks at Adagio really blended this one up nice for me.

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Best wishes on your anniversary! May there be many happy years! Hubby and I are coming up on the 26th anniversary of the day we met. We married just 7 months after, but it took! :)


Thank you! My husband and I are college sweethearts, been together for over 10 years. We had a four-year long engagement, because we were saving up for a destination wedding. (I’m not big on frou-frou things.)

Congrats belong to you as well – 26 years! YAY! :) Here’s to 26 more… :)


Happy Anniversary!! let there be cake! mmmm

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My first Persimmon Tree tea taste and I’m in total nirvana! This is like liquid gold, or if dreams were fluid…

Sense I not make. This is because of the tea! ;)

I love the flavor palette – vanilla, and lemon myrtle, which you may not think can roll together. But these get along well. So utterly delicious and smooth…

Smells divine as well… This will be a Keen Tea Thyme cupboard staple!


Neat combination!

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This is a great wake-up cuppa, spicy and full-bodied. I love how the spices mingle and dance on your tongue. I usually let it steep for the length of the cup so it’s even more spicy. YUMS! :)

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I really do love this tea. I love letting it steep for the length of the cup so the final sips are bold, chai-in-your-face.

I forgot to turn off my auto-delivery so I ended up with a bunch of tea from Teavana. I’ll be reselling them – SEALED! – on my site this week, so stay tuned. Teavana doesn’t let you return tea, even if it’s sealed, which is another strike against them.

A similar thing happened with Adagio and they were very nice about it. Just wish this chai was available at Adagio…then I wouldn’t have to bother with the Evil Empire. ;)

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I am not happy about being awake this AM. And I’m not happy about running late. At least this little number was waiting for me at work. I love this chai. Can’t get enough. May be the only tea I drink today…else I’ll speak in full sentences.

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This is easily one of my favorite teas, and normally a tea of the AM. But I’ve got a migraine so I want it now and I’m enjoying it. So there. ;)

This blend of tea and spices is one of the greatest blends out there, hands down. Sorry to all Teavana-Haters (and often I am one myself) but this chai just does it for me. :)


Love this too… feel better!


I hope you made it though that migraine. Those can be the worst. And your, ‘So there,’ made me laugh! Sometimes when I’m not feeling well, I admit to my wife, “I want what I want and I want it NOW!”. We both get a good laugh out of it. I have mixed feelings about Teavana too, but I certainly acknowledge that they do have at least a few beautiful looking and good tasting teas.


Thanks for the well wishes! :) You both are sweeties…and it’s perfectly fine to be demanding when you are sick.

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This is a great treat for the afternoon, since it’s low in caffeine (if it has any caffeine). It’s tart and sweet at the same time, a task hard to replicate (believe me, I’ve tried). I love anything blueberry and anything strawberry so naturally this is a perfect fit.

Terrific iced too – but today I’m sticking with hot tea for the cool office. :) YUMS!

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First off, this is the bagged version I got for free so I can’t complain too much…
Yes, I can. I get the holiday part – cinnamon-y and comforting – but I am missing the spice! Maybe I’m too spoiled (or snobby or even bratty for that matter) but when I see “spice” as an ingredient I am expecting a SPICE-y flavor. Not allspice, but something that kicks it up a notch.
This is OK, but nothing to write home about and certainly not anything to go out of your way to find. Thank goodness I didn’t purchase during the holiday season or I’d be a real Tea Scrooge. ;)


I’m tasting more of the licorice, but it’s still not as I expected…

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I’ve got the bagged variety again.

This is alright as plain/unflavored black teas go. I normally prefer plain/unflavored green, but need an extra jolt to get through the afternoon. And zapping myself Crank 2 High Voltage-style isn’t an option…oh my, but I just thought of Jason Statham and my mind is lost…

ANYWAY – sorry, I’m totally boy-crazy but have a wonderful hubby who puts up with it – this tea is definitely good for a wake-up call. I taste the Assam variety, which, to me, is less malty and more bold. Usually I would put some sweetener in this to tone it down but not today, I need all the power this cuppa produces!


hahaha I know what you mean..my boyfriend was kind enough on Saturday night to rewind a hockey skills competition so I could see one of my favorite players wink at the camera again. I may have tried to go for a third watch though… :x

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This is the bagged variety. And it’s decent. I enjoy the medley of ginger and peppermint; and the bagged variety is perfect when I’m not feeling well and not feeling like messing with an infuser/filter bag. It’s a nice tea and one I’d recommend if it presented itself to you. But I’m still not sold on whether or not you should go out of your way to find it…

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Hello fellow tea fans!
I’ve been a tea enthusiast for years but just recently started brewing my own. I’ve created some blends, and enjoy researching about new teas. I combined my love of tea and writing to create a tea-devoted blog, Keen Tea Thyme. I have been writing for most of my life and am a former journalist with a degree in Communications and Social Psychology, and a minor in Writing. Journalism is in my blood, so that means I’m inquisitive by nature, will double-check sources and/or get a second opinion as needed, but also fair and balanced in my reviews. If my reviews seem more positive, energetic and have high ratings, it’s because I love tea. :)

If you are a tea company, I’d love to review some your tea! Free samples are always welcome so I can fully enjoy the freshest selections. I’m also open to tea swaps as I always have too many teas on hand to drink & would love to share with other tea enthusiasts! :)

My Simple Rating Scale (as of Feb. 2011)
>50: I’m NOT a fan. I could barely finish the cup, if I even did. I wouldn’t even recommend this to my worst enemy. Not worth my time nor yours.

51-65: Good aroma, good flavor. Just nothing pops to give the tea that special kick. Recommended to try; our tasting palates differ.

66-79: Yes, finally, tea – unique flavor profiles, great aroma & flavor. Recommended to try; our tasting palates differ.

80-99: These are cupboard essentials – delicious, aromatic and perfect everyday teas. Re-steepable (beyond at least one steeping). Highly recommended, fun for all ages.

100: These are my favorites, the ones I would take with me if stranded on a desert island. Beyond Highly Recommended.

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Happy Brewing! :)


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