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I’m confused. I thought I was drinking tea, not mango juice! This is really delish, but I don’t know how to rate it.

It’s tropical, fruity and definitely mango-y with a hint of ginger and spice. It’s quite tasty, just not really very much like tea. I don’t taste any tea at all, oolong or otherwise. Bet this would be great iced too. Hmm.


Try the kamiya papaya, similar spice but you taste the oolong much more. : )

Donna A

I’m drinking this tonight to avoid too much caffeine this late, and agree that the oolong is not detectable, but I do like it anyway, even though I tend not to prefer really fruity teas. I think the ginger and spices help make it less like drinking fruit juice. I agree that it would taste really good cold too.

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Starting my afternoon off with this, as I’ve got a headache edging into migraine territory and an important meeting in a bit. Still love it!

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I’m upping the rating on this one. I brewed up my sample over the weekend – drank all of it actually! Wish I had purchased the Maharaja Chai too…my fail. Anyway, I let this steep for the length of the cup, which was well beyond Teavana’s parameters. Like my other fave chai combo, this resulted in a flavorful, spicy cuppa; in a word, delish! I reinfused the leaves once and as a result really stretched the length of that sample. I left the sugar in there; I was replaying Fallout: New Vegas and needed the extra energy!

Just MJ

I tried that sample at the store and found that the Samurai Chai really toned down all the things I loved about the Maharaja, so opted to stick with the unblended. How dare they mute my spicy tea, I say!


I haven’t been able to try it sans samurai. But I’m sure it’s good! I really regret not getting it on the sale. :( Sigh.


i just checked and it’s back in stock! Think it’s worth $12 for 2 oz?

Just MJ

I’m rather new to Teavana, but I pay the $12 for 2 oz and save it for a special pick me up. Someday when I can afford it I’ll go in on it in bulk so I always have it on hand and get the volume discount. I think I got 5 strong 24 oz pots out of my 2 oz.


I do love that you can reinfuse, so right there it’s more like 4 oz for the $12 price tag. OK, I’ll get it next time around. You sold me! :)


I have some of this, almost 2 oz, plus a sample if you’d like to swap, cause I don’t want it!

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This is the one I forgot to reorder today! Boo! I will call to see if I can add it.
I love, love this one. Easily one of the best cinnamon teas out there!


I was able to add it to my order. Wish I could award more points for awesome customer service! :) :)

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I just ordered more of this, to take advantage of the sale and satisfy my craving. I just love this! As it brews, you’re treated to a wonderful caramel marshmallow aroma – and it tastes just as good as it smells. Love the little sprinkles (of course) and the gold pearls (also, of course). I left this steeping longer than I would’ve normally as I got called away, but when I returned this still tasted awesome.

Awesomeness, that sums up Della Terra Teas! :)


NOTE: I left the filtered bag in my cuppa and am enjoying the same flavors still. Def a tough tea! :)

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Need a kick-start today (or a kick in the behind). Had a migraine all last night and still have a bit of “migraine fog.” This little number is helping! No rating as its my own.

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drank Shanghai Orchid by Teavana
576 tasting notes

It’s been a while since I had this tea, but I purchased more from Teavana today and figured I would use up what I had left (which wasn’t much).

I don’t know why I stopped drinking this – it’s so yummy. I know it’s not for everyone, but as I’m learning I don’t care for lots of white teas, I find I do really enjoy this one. It’s very fragrant and full-bodied. Love how it smells dry and while steeping. Now I need my order to get here fast, I’m back on the bandwagon!

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I really enjoyed this cuppa. It’s refreshing and kinda fun too. I taste candy cane and a hint of chocolate and vanilla. Wish this was a permanent one but I’m guessing it’s seasonal? Regardless, it was fun and delish! :)

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drank Cacao Mint Black by Teavana
576 tasting notes

I really enjoy this cuppa. I just placed a small order from Teavana (haha, seriously, the items were all on sale) and I thought about getting more of this one, but couldn’t find it. Oh well. Accidentally Awesome from Adagio custom blends is pretty close.

This is a perfect blend of vanilla, mint and chocolate. Each flavor can be tasted in each sip. It’s quite delish – and very satisfying for people cutting calories!

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drank Fruta Bomba by Teavana
576 tasting notes

Still have some of this one left. It’s pretty good – fruity and fun. Please see other notes.

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Hello fellow tea fans!
I’ve been a tea enthusiast for years but just recently started brewing my own. I’ve created some blends, and enjoy researching about new teas. I combined my love of tea and writing to create a tea-devoted blog, Keen Tea Thyme. I have been writing for most of my life and am a former journalist with a degree in Communications and Social Psychology, and a minor in Writing. Journalism is in my blood, so that means I’m inquisitive by nature, will double-check sources and/or get a second opinion as needed, but also fair and balanced in my reviews. If my reviews seem more positive, energetic and have high ratings, it’s because I love tea. :)

If you are a tea company, I’d love to review some your tea! Free samples are always welcome so I can fully enjoy the freshest selections. I’m also open to tea swaps as I always have too many teas on hand to drink & would love to share with other tea enthusiasts! :)

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66-79: Yes, finally, tea – unique flavor profiles, great aroma & flavor. Recommended to try; our tasting palates differ.

80-99: These are cupboard essentials – delicious, aromatic and perfect everyday teas. Re-steepable (beyond at least one steeping). Highly recommended, fun for all ages.

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