This is a special tea for me because it is the first raw pu erh that I tried. I was in Edinburgh in February 2013 (just last year at the time of writing) and found there were a few tea shops selling what I would regard as not your average teas. I found a tea shop called ‘PekoeTea’ to be a considerable walk, but judging by the list of teas on their website, I had to go there. This tea was recommended to me by a regular of the shop and I was intrigued by how different this tea was from any other I had tried. I recall there being a pungent flavour about it that didn’t appear to fit. Anyway, I recently bought some of it and here is my review.
It’s been one year since I found raw pu erh tea (I actually found cooked pu erh sometime earlier). I’ll raise a cup to all you pu erh fans. I’m currently drinking 2002 YONG PIN HAORED YI WU ZHENG SHAN” by Yunnan Sourcing, which has gone up in price for 25grams from $17.50 to $24…

Dry leaf: Loose leaves; colourful, ranging from white to dark green. The aroma is dry, fruity and dusty.
Wet leaf: Fruit; floral.

Summary: Sharp bitterness dominates sweetness to provide a stimulating, mouth-watering experience.

5s – Very well balanced. The bitterness is contrasted by sweetness.
10s – This has a nice bite, not just of bitterness, but of tarty, citrus fruit bitterness that makes the mouth water. Underneath this is a pleasant sweet fruitiness that balances out, but never quite does; the bitterness provides a more bitter than sweet finish. Stimulating stuff.
15s – Sharp, citrus bitterness with some sourness against some plummy sweetness. Great stuff. Resfreshing; stimulating; a joy to drink.
20s – Lemony bitterness.
~60s – This steep worked quite well as a palette cleanser to ease the ammonia taste after having some Camembert.

4 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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I drink mainly rooibos and peppermint tea these days as I leave my pu-erh tea to age.

I decided to join Steepster because I have found other people’s opinions on teas very useful in deciding what to buy, and I thought I would contribute.

Online orders so far:
Dragon Tea House – Free shipping and a huge selection of tea.
White2Tea – Excellent communication with the seller and good selection of teas. Teas came in metallic zip lock bags.
Yunnan Sourcing – Huge selection; recent change to delivery price made this a good option.
SampleTea – Selection of aged teas. Teas delivered were very well packaged and presented.
Pu-erh.sk Small selected. Excellent communication with seller. Packing was solid – the teas were more than safe.
Street Shop 88 (eBay) Low prices with free delivery. Sample size was precisely what I ordered.
O-Cha Seller of Japanese teas. The daily Sencha and Shincha were awesome.
Essence Of Tea – The order arrived after over 5 weeks, but I am really impressed with the teas so far.
Chawangshop – Order came very well packaged.


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