6770 Tasting Notes


Backlogging…started my day with 2 cups of this one…LOVE it…will miss it…SIP DOWN! See previous notes…

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backlogging 3 cups today…awesome…see previous notes…


I had two cups of that today, great stuff. Just prepared some cold brew for tomorrow morning :)

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2 cups sip down…see other notes

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I prefer this luke-warm to cool – the flavors of Mango and peach out better for my liking after cooling at room temp for a while. Everything is subtle about this. It’s tasty tho!

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The aroma is nice on this one altho based on smell alone I would have to call it RASPBERRY Acai Sencha as I can smell way more Raspberry than Acai.

The The Sencha Base is very good. The Raspberry and Acai Flavors are about medium strength – definitely NOT overdone. I think the strength of them work really well here. I can taste a little more Acai than Raspberry so it all evens out in the end :)

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drank Winter Spice by Argo Tea
6770 tasting notes

Thanks Amanda for this one, too!

Sort of reminds me of a Tea Forte Mix of flavors (but at least it doesn’t have Hibiscus!)

Smells like cinnamon, roasted almonds, a bit of soy sauce…
tastes like roasted almonds with a bit of soy sauce, a bit of spice but not over the top or enough to identify as cinnamon (maybe a little bit in the aftertaste), and cocoa powder, but I can barely taste the “zest”. Having said that – this isn’t too shabby! I can see myself drinking it once in a blue moon…why not.

E for Effort!

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Ag! You are AWESOME! Thanks again!

This is truly unique and the more I drink it the more I like it! It’s lemon/lime but more importantly MINT…and it’s tremendous! If you like mint you will probably like this! I can taste the mojito likeness more in the aftertaste but the MINT is first followed by the lime and it’s darned tasty! I would drink this again! YUM!


I remember you once saying you generally enjoyed mint in all varieties, so I thought it was a fairly safe bet to include that one. I don’t care much for mint most of the time, so double awesome for me getting rid of it. I got it as a free sample with my order. They put in three of those samples and managed to make it probably the three things I was the least interested in.


YUP! I’m a mint FREAK :)
Thanks again!

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First…THANK YOU Amanda!!!


I LOVE rhubarb but this smells REALLY FUNKY.


It smells like a weird cheese, plantains, some kind of nut, butt, lime, and strawberry????

Totally random and totally weird.


The Taste…

I can side with Amanda’s comment about a yogurt tart flavor. It’s not good, bad, or indifferent…just something I noticed. I’m not bothered by it. There is a subtle rhubarb and lime-E type flavor I am getting that I sort of dig…so that’s not bad. It is sweet.

The taste is alright! The smell…OYE VAY!

I’ll meet ya in the middle with a rating (while I plug my nose!)


I love how you slipped “butt” in there in the descriptors of the smell so that you almost miss it if you’re reading too fast.


LOL – that’s EXACTLY why I did it!!! Nice catch! :) LMAO!!!!


Sounds rather ODD.


I had to read it 3 times to make sure I had read it right. I laughed out loud. People must have thought I was crazy! : )


teehee…I’m CRAZY like that…


Yikes. Think I’ll steer clear of this one.


So…….you did say BUTT! :-D


Indeed I did :)

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Doesn’t smell like anything
Green tea base is cheap and doesn’t really taste like anything either
the spearmint is VERY VERY subtle
Overall…I feel like I am drinking hot water with a stale spearmint leaf that barely has any flavor left to it.

It’s not gross but there isn’t much of anything there to really comment on.

Another one down the drain.

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I have a slew of these to try and they have been staring at me and not in a good way…they have been giving me the hairy-eye-ball…they scare me.

Today I’m putting myself to the test…at least for a few of them.

Bottoms – up!

This smells like Anise (licorice-E) and herbally. I have to say for me personally this gives it a strike already. NOT a very nice aroma.

It’s a green/grey/brown color after steeping – yes – it’s bagged.

The herbally aroma intensifies as the infusion progresses. BLAH

I can taste a peppery-herbally-licorice-E combo of flavors. Luckily it’s not INTENSE. Perhaps the chamomile mellows it…not sure. Had I not read the ingredients – I wouldn’t have even noticed chamomile to be honest. Which is fine because I am not fond of that ingredient, usually. It also says it has mint…can’t really taste it until the aftertaste and then it’s not even very noticeable.

I suppose this could have been raunchy-gross tasting so I’m thankful for mellow flavors here! Could have been worse but it could have been WAY BETTER, too!

Doubt I would drink this again.

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