6770 Tasting Notes


I LOVE the color of these leaves – dry! The aroma is a bit ‘odd’ but not in a bad way…it reminds me of plugging an old heater in after it’s been sitting a while and you get that charred-dust smell Even more ‘odd’ is that once infused the aroma morphs completely! It smells more like FRESH home-grown veggies! Ahhhh! Airy and breezy!

The color is SUPER Bright Yellow – Brilliantly Yellow! LOVE IT!

The flavor – SMOOTH…fresh, airy, clean, somewhat crisp, a little vegetal-sweet!

This is MARVYLOVING this!

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Smells like leafy greens (near Spinach) and Chinese Food (maybe Rice Dishes) post infusion. This tastes REALLY NICE! Very “filling” sweet and slightly vegetal and earthy…but green-earthy not woodsy or muddy type earthy. LOL

YUM! Fairly Thirst-Quenching, too! This is darned dandy!


Now I want some – I’ve been looking for a good bancha!


Amy: I have Bangkok Blend (Harney & Son’s). Bancha, coconut, lemongrass, and ginger. Although I wasn’t picking up the ginger. Do you want some? :))


Thanks for the offer but I believe I am getting sick of coconut tea and just looking for a plain bancha. :)


OK…….but the coconut is secondary to the tea, and it is OK if you don’t want it. I wish I could find my Tokyo Blend…….bancha, toasted sesame seeds and caramel flavors! Did I drink it all?? No….I would remember…


Amy Oh: try Den’s for a plain Bancha. :)


I was looking at Dens Tea last night and their Bancha looks pretty good.


Thanks – will do!

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2nd unfusion:
Tar Black
aroma is easier to handle
Taste is completely different!

This time…
somewhat coffee-like, still malty but a different sort of malty, not sweet – a little more woodsy, more earthy…and leather-esque.

Still pretty good but completely different from the 1st infusion!


2nd and follownig 2-3 infusions were different from the 1st, it surprised me too… it had a strong walnut aftertaste… which reminds me that I need to write a note for this one as well…


Oh Walnut! Neat! I have a few more ‘nests’ might have to try 3+ infusions next time :) Thanks!

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Not really lovin’ the aroma but I can get passed it. The first infusion is nice tasting, tho! It’s dark brown and a malty sweet-sour woodsy flavored under a semi-strong black tasting tea. NICE.

2nd infusion coming soon

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drank Apple by Kusmi Tea
6770 tasting notes

Thanks to Angrboda I am sipping on this one this morning and it’s got me in the groove for some reason! I might not be able to explain WHY, exactly, but there is something that I am totally digging here! It’s a nice mellow apple flavor – nothing over the top – but the strength of the black tea and the strength of the apple go nicely together. Perhaps it because it smells like sour apple but tastes like a Pink Lady. Pink Lady Apples are my FAVE Apple!

Whatever it is…I’m really enjoying it today!~


Funny that we have the same favourite apple and you found it in this one where I disappointed because I didn’t. Still, I’m contemplating a re-purchase.


LOL – maybe it was just because I have been craving it and wanted to taste it? LOL – no sure ;)


not (not no!) Oye…my typo’s – sorry!

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drank Ice Wine Tea by Design a Tea
6770 tasting notes

Oddly I just found this one in a random place in my desk where I don’t usually store tea! Very strange! So…I decided to drink it! It’s a mellower Ice Wine Tea – perhaps because of the amount of loose leaf in the sample I received…I didn’t do a full cuppa…but this is really nice. I like that it’s different and doesn’t have an intense flavor like the others…I mean…they can’t ALL be the same, right? Sometimes you are looking for a lighter flavor and other times an intense flavor, eh? At least that is how I think!

This is great hot or cold but I do prefer ICED. It’s like a mix of white grapes, pear, and sugar with the freshest mineral/spring water you ever tasted…very clean, crisp! It’s really wonderful!

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drank Passionfruit Black by ZenTea
6770 tasting notes

This is another one from Amanda! Thanks girl!

Starting my day with this one! It’s Organic! It’s lovely! It’s not overly flavored like some Passionfruit flavored teas…it’s about medium strength on the flavoring but it’s really lovely! It juicy and fruity and awakening. It’s REAL tasting and not fake tasting. Since it’s so cold my hot tea didn’t stay hot long so this is good hot or cold! YUM!

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Amanda sent me a bit of this one, too! Thanks girl!

This is wine like, floral, and perfumy! As Iced Wine is sugary-sweet this is a bit ‘drier wine’ like in comparison to the 3 or 4 other iced wine teas I have tried. Not that THAT is good, bad, or indifferent, just something I picked up on!

This is pretty good! It’s INTENSELY flavored. There is a tart lingering flavor of grapes, cranberries, and maybe apricot. There are hardcore floral and perfumy notes throughout.

Pretty good tho!


mmmm ok this one sounds very interesting! I’m glad you got to try this one and comment on it or else I wouldn’t have known it was out there! :p


Tamm, I can send you some if you are interested in trying it out!


Pfft I hit add comment before I meant to. I wanted to add that I have really been enjoying seeing what you have to say about what I sent you!


:O I think I’d love some if you want to send me some. :p I’ll probably be able to find something you’d like too (hopefully lolol). You can p.m. me of course! :p


Thank you both for the comments :)

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drank Cranberry by A C Perch's
6770 tasting notes

Another one from Angrboda! Thanks so much!
The A C Perch’s teas I have tried I have really liked! I’m eager to try this one as I have been eating a lot of dried cranberries lately!

Ummmmmmm! Yum!

It’s Cranberry! But not bitter cranberry – sweet and juicy cranberry!

As it cools at room temp I get that little bit of tart pop at the beginning but then it smooths out. I really like this unique cranberry experience, I must say! It different from other cranberry flavor teas I have tried! It’s stand-alone! I like that!

This is darned tasty! Not sure if it can beat my LOVE for the A C Perch’s Raspberry but this IS up there!!! YUM!

YES! Very good!


Does the Cranberry taste natural? I do like tartness in my cranberry tea. On a scale betw 1-5, I’m right around 4. How would you rate the tartness in this one? I like to taste the Cranberry….you know?

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drank Bourbon Vanilla by Kusmi Tea
6770 tasting notes

Angrboda is awesome…just need to point that out…thanks for this one as well, Dear!!!

It doesn’t smell overly vanilla but it’s ‘there’.
It’s not overly vanilla in the flavor – especially at first – but I agree with Morgana saying it’s sneaky! It sneaks in right at the end and smooths out the after taste nicely! As it cools a bit at room temp the beginning of the sip extends a woodsy or bark-like hint right and the beginning of the sip but then moves on to other notes on the tongue as you continue to sip.

This is nice. Nothing wrong with it at all but I do favor a few of their other offering over this one. Sure glad I got to try it tho and I would certainly drink it again and again :)

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