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Azzrian sent me a bit of this – thanks so much!
It’s a nice smoky tea. It smells smokier than it tastes but I’m ok with that. It has a slightly sweet end sip. Not too bad cold either.

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I had a cup of this last night and it’s been a while. It’s starting to lose the flavor. I do have more left but am afraid to pass it on to anyone…sigh…

I’m hopping thru my stashes and going a little crazy – but that is a good thing! LOL :)

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drank Crazy Earl by Indie Tea
6770 tasting notes

I’m having a cup of this now – double shot! Also sending some to SIL :)

Lady 0f Spaydes

I just love the name of this tea. <3 It makes me so happy. :)

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drank Florence by Harney & Sons
6770 tasting notes

Having a quick cup of this now. SIL do you want some?
See other notes


oh man… read the decription..yes please lol

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Backlogging from last night…also a SIPDOWN


yay for sipdowns!

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Sending the last lil bit of this one to Azz, too!



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Sending the last lil bit to Azz

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2nd infusion, here, but first a PS to the first infusion…
When it got cold it really does taste like applesauce and it’s terrific!

Tasting Notes for 2nd infusion…
I’m not going to lie…I stole a potato! NomNom!

The aroma is still present and pleasing.

The taste and texture is incredibly clean. I can taste a very clean plain potato flavor now. On the end sip I can taste the apple. It’s more of a Potato and Apple and not as much as Potato Pancake and Applesauce, per say, but it’s still impressive and flavorful and unique!

Overall, tho, 2nd infusion, the major difference is less apple – more potato – certainly more Comfort Food like…like Mashed Potatoes…no butter.

Neat! Just…NEAT!


sounds SO delish. I want it…. Agh!!! more tea?!


mmmmmmm you will be mine..oh yes you will…


It sounds super yummy :D


I need to try this..


Must have!


Sounds great!I used to love this combo!Clever Stacy!

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One of the main reasons I LUV Stacy at Butiki is she ISN’T afraid to try stuff! And you know what…I’ve enjoy everything she’s tried!!!

This was a MAJOR Creative Marvel, folks! It was suggested in the forums and I was so very grabbed by it I begged Stacy to be one of the Guinea Pigs/Taste Testers!

This really DOES smell like Potato Pancakes and Applesauce! It’s awesome!

But then again…you really have to SEE to believe what she put in this flavored tea! She actually put POTATO in it! Freeze Dried, I believe! Woot! And Apple! Ahhhh!

It really doesn’t have much of a color to it after infusing but the aroma still barrels thru nicely!

It’s a meal in a cup! And this is even before my first sip!

As I took my first sip…I can taste the juicy sweet tea base first with a lovely semi-punch applesauce flavor paired in! Following sips – it’s sweet but creamy in places…I really like it! I chalk the creaminess up to the potato. Then in other sips I can actually taste potato in the middle of the sip separate from the rest of the flavors!


It’s brothy and buttery and comforting like mashed potatoes but that applesauce is very nice. It’s not over the top by any means.

Everything about this tea makes me smile!

It’s just so out there but it makes SO MUCH SENSE at the same time! I’m so happy Stacy took on this challenge! Gosh! Wow! I can’t compare this to anything else. Ever. If I can’t compare this to anything else…I better give it a 100, right?

I mean…no one…has ever done anything like this that I know of.
I seriously can’t stop drinking this.

Yup! I have to do it…100!


This sounds bizarre!


But it’s awesome!


damn that sounds tasty :D


It IS!!!!!!

Butiki Teas

So glad you are enjoying this one! I just never know how a tea will be received or if I went completely crazy with a flavor. So I’m very glad at least one other person is enjoying it.


one bizar looking tea :)

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Oh! I already logged this one! Well, see previous notes…I’m drinking a cuppa now. Sending the rest to Azz


Oh thank you!

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