6770 Tasting Notes


I seriously thought I tried and logged this one already but maybe I didn’t. Since I am getting a little daring today I thought I would have a cup and near-cold-brew it.

Smells like Fruit, Feet, Pine, Herbs, Licorice, and Burdock.

Perhaps THIS is why I didn’t log this…eeeek! The Burdock and Licorice really throw me! Bleh! The Hibiscus just confuses this even more. The cinnamon is artificial tasting, and I can’t taste the green tea at all.

I have enjoyed teas and tisanes from Supple Skin Boutique but I’m sorry this is NOT one of them!




Feet…? D:


Sounds pretty dire. :(


Are you actually supposed to drink this? Maybe it’s meant as a skin wash…

Supple Skin Boutique

Hello- this is Gloria with Supple Skin Boutique. Although we typically do not comment on these reviews and you are surely entitled to your opinion. I would like to offer some information on this product. It is traditional Chinese Medicine for skin care. It is not really designed for taste, although we do use premium tea and herbs in this blend and some people like the taste [shameless plug :) ] In summary if you are into homeopathic stuff this is probably right up your alley. However if you just want a great loose tea, maybe try one of our other blends like Calming tea.

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Thanks KeenTeaThyme
I cold brewed this. It smells WONDERFUL. It even tastes Great, too!
I can taste all of the elements – here – Strawberry, Blueberry. Lemonade! YUM! I don’t think I would like it as much HOT but cold brewed is certainly the way to go with this one! It also has a mysterious tingle to it…almost like bubbly – sparkling grape juice type tingle. It’s unusual but neat!

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Thanks Azz for this one! I can mostly taste the juicy sencha with floral and citrus and strawberry notes. The mango is more in the aftertaste, really. Super Tasty!

This is the first I have had from this company! YAY!


This was one I got from TassieTeaGirl in Australia! Everything she sent to me has been excellent!


The little thumbnail pic of this tea looks like a Van Gogh painting!

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drank Eggnogg'n Tea by Bigelow
6770 tasting notes

Thanks Alphakitty
I just might be the last person on steepster to try this.

I’m not really a fan of Eggnog. Never really have been. But I will say – this aroma is – SPOT ON! You can’t get any closer than this!

It says it’s a black and green combo/blend base…I can taste more of the green than the black. I can taste a WHOLE LOT OF CREAMY and it’s much like Eggnog. I will also say that it’s a highly flavored bagged tea – it surprises me actually.

As it cools a bit it smells more like butterscotch. It’s pleasant enough. The flavor and aroma is what you would expect with a name like this. I’m not overly fond of the aftertaste but I can’t say much bad about the over all flavored bagged tea experience.

I’m sure glad I got to try this! Thanks again, Alphakitty!

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OMG! What the HECK is this!? Why…it’s a surprise from Azz – thanks girl!

The honey whacked me in the face…but I liked it! LOL
After the initial Honey aroma I could also smell malt, coffee, chickory, and kidney beans! Seriously…those are the first things that came to mind, folks. It might not sound good but it is!

Interesting. Malty, Mead, Coffee-Bean, Kidney Bean, Barley, Chickory…combo of flavors. It’s thick in it’s texture. It almost smells and tastes like a Boullion of sorts, too! It’s very different but pretty good. VERY interesting!


I know right! This stuff is GOOD!!!!

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Ahhhhhh! This smells wonderful! ALIVE!

I’ll be sharing this with a few people, too!

This is screaming Multiple Infusions but I will save that test for another day!

This time around here are my findings:

Green, Leafy yet Slightly vegetal, Aromatic, Vibrant, a bit roasted yet very clean, sweet, slightly floral, a little buttery, and VERY tasty!

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Another one I am sending to Azz and Sil – Liberteas has this one on tap somewhere in a box, too!


Can’t wait! I have not had any tea from Talbott yet! Not that I recall anyway and I LOVE blueberry!!!


Oh geez! I thought I sent you some! They might be in the many boxes I have on tap! teehee!


azz – i’ll be sure to send a bit extra of the blueberry tea that i have so that the ladies can share with you :) it’s from majesteas

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Liberteas thanks for this!
This smells airy and fresh but even a little fruity and crispy!
The flavor is brothy and creamy and vegetal with a nod at sweet fruit underneath.

There are specs of sweeter floral notes right smack-dab in the middle of the sip, too.

This is SO comforting, SO delightful! SO GOOD!

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Sending the rest to Azz & Sil :)

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Had a lil splash of this one with what was left in the bottom which were mostly shavings but at least I didn’t send THOSE to Sil! Sil – this one is going in your box :) (but the full leaf not the end of the tin! LOL)


lol i’m not picky! :)

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