Paisley Tea Co is a NEW Tea Company and a sister company of Tea Leaves And A Bud! These are English Style Tea Bags. They come in a somewhat ‘normal’ looking box (as far as tea bags are concerned) but when you open it the bags are sealed in a PAISLEY Decorated Plastic Baggy. The Tea Bags are pretty standard looking. Once opening the plastic the Bergamot is highly smellable!

This ‘brews’ quite dark. It has a nice Bergamot Flavor but it’s not overpowering or stale-tasting like some other bagged EG’s I have tried. The Earl Grey-ness isn’t overly astringent, either. It has a nice, yet, unexpected woodsy-ness to it…but just a touch of the taste pops thru…it’s a neat addition. Towards the end of the sip it seems like it’s going to smooth out a bit but then there is a peppery kick that surprises you!

This is a solid bagged EG! Not only that but it’s neat to have a surprise or two along the way your sip of Earl! Thumbs up!

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